Mode 7

Mode 7 – 09/08/2019

The New But Familiar Show

We’ve got remixes of some of your favorites, and some games you probably never have heard of.

The Playlist!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Velkhana Theme (Intense Symphonic Metal Cover) – FalKKonE
League of Legends – POP/STARS (English Cover) – Lollia
Katamari Damacy – Katamari on the Rocks by Dj Jo – GameChops
Deltarune – Vs Lancer – Vetrom

BlazBlue Central Fiction – Must Die (8-bit cover) – guest-san
Under Night In-Birth – Purity & Strictly (Retro-Synth REMIX) – Willfox Piano
Touhou 8 ~ Imperishable Night – Blood Red Moon – Magna Drake
Bioshock Infinite – Song Bird (Teratoid Remix) – Teratoid

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Megalovania (New Remix)
Project M – Kicks’ Twilite Funk (2:00 a.m.) – Furries in a Blender
Night in the Woods – Weird Autumn (Rock Cover) – MandoPony
Persona 5: Dancing Star Night – Last Surprise (Taku Takahashi Remix)
Final Fantasy IV – Boss Battle (GaMetal Remix) – GaMetal

Sonic Mania – Paper-Jam!! (Remix)- TNHGameRemixes
Ghost Trick – 4 Minutes Before Death (Re-work) – Maka 億炎火
Earthbound – Battle Against a Machine Arrangement – Nanashima
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 – Simple and Clean (Ray of Hope Mix) – ProjectXsent

Mode 7 – 09/01/2019

The Board Game Show

Many board games have digital forms for people on the go. Here’s a decent selection of them.

The Playlist!

Koi-Koi Japan – Harunoumi
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire – BGM 8
Scythe Digital Edition – Europa 1920
Carcassonne – Theme Music

Small World 2 – Main Theme
Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted – Ancient City – Jon Reed
Talisman: Digital Edition – Over the Hills
Pathfinder Adventure – Title Theme (Alternate Version)

Gremlins, Inc – The Winner
Hand of Fate – Deal of the Millennia
Cultist Simulator – The House Without Walls
Star Realms – A Long Way

100% Orange Juice – Yuki (Dangerous)’s Theme
Uno – Wonderful (Uno)
Warhammer Quest – Settlement Screen
One Deck Dungeon – Cinder Plains (Encounter)

Mode 7 – 08/25/19

The Hybrid Show

Mix and matching genres can create fun experiences for all types of fans

The Playlist!

Before the Echo – Stay Crunchy
10000000 – Dungeon Theme I
Rune Factory 4 – Leon Karnak
Sakura Wars ~ So Long, My Love – New York in Love

Yomi – Menu Theme
Yomi – Battle 1
Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Tearing Through Heaven
Project X Zone 2 – The Buzz of Shadows

Acceleration of SUGURI 2 – Black Hole
Rush Bros – Project Mars
Death end re;Quest – First Sign of Life

Pony Island – The Machine
Moonlighter – The Abandoned Laboratory
Spore – Primordial Soup for Dinner

Mode 7 – 08/18/19

The INDIE Show!

The Playlist!

Risk of Rain – Chanson d’Automne
Katana ZERO – Sneaky Driver
Katana ZERO – Overdose (Bunker 1)
Cook Serve Delicious – Sausage Slice
Cook Serve Delicious – Lost Recipes

Owlboy – Tropos By Day
Owlboy – Strato
No More Heroes – Cashmere Canonball
beatmania IIDX 11 – Speedy Cat
Spark The Electric Jester – Miniboss
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – The Final Exam

Just Shapes & Beats – Paper Dolls
Pyre – Thrash Pack
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Ritual of the night
Chromatose – Destiny Won’t Die
One Step from Eden – Battle 1
Noisz – Not the Last
Blue Omen Operation – Miniboss
Super Neptunia RPG – Time for Some Nepicness
One Finger Death Punch 2 – Shanghai Light

Mode 7 – 08/11/19

The Fire Emblem/3DS Show!

I tried to find some Fire Emblem music from Three Houses this week, but for some reason it doesn’t exist online! So we’re listening to a lot of other Fire Emblem music today!

The Playlist!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Fodlan Winds
Fire Emblem: Awakening – Conquest (Ablaze)
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia – Twilight of the Gods
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia – What Lies at the End
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia – With Mila’s Divine Protection
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Lightning Battle
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Dark Pit’s Theme
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Magnus’ Theme
Kid Icarus: Uprising – The Return of Palutena
Kid Icarus: Uprising – The Reaper’s Line of Sight
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Dog’s Theme
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Aurum Island
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – L’Oscurita dell’Ignot
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – L’Impeto Oscuro
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – All For One
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 8 AM
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 3 PM