Mode 7

Sunday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Genres: Video Game, Chiptune, Instrumental
Hosts: Daniel Smith, Brett McLamb, Richard Stauffer, Collin Caldwell, Brian Kalish

Mode 7 plays the best of video game music. Original soundtracks, classic chiptunes, and awesome fan-made remixes, we play them all! To listen to music played on the show, visit our YouTube page! We’re also on Facebook!

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Mode 7 – 08/20/17

The Japan Show

One of the boys finally made it back! Look forward to what he and the others will be bringing now that college is back in session

The Playlist!

Go Go Japan ~My First Trip to Japan – BGM 210
99 Spirits – On the Move
Okami – Lake Harami
Sakura Shrine Girl – Track 9
Muramasa: The Demon Blade – Magnificent Palace A
Samurai Shodown VI – Imperial Feast

Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 – Akatsuki Hideout
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – Naruku’s Theme
Touhou 7 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom – Mystic Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
Ai Yori Aoshi – Cherry Blossoms

Nidhogg 2 – Thrust
Nidhogg 2 – Raw Gore
Nidhogg 2 – Sums
Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Kakariko Village (Day)
Nioh – Main Menu Theme
Shadow Warrior – Shadow Warrior

Final Fantasy XIV – Kugane Theme (Night)
Pokemon Sun & Moon – Malie City (Day)
Overwatch – Dragons (Orchestral Remix)
Fire Emblem – Nintendo Medly on Japanese Instruments

Mode 7 – 08/13/17


The boys should be back next week! Thanks for the wonderful summer! 😀

The Playlist!

Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm – Thunderclap
Sonic Colors – Starlight Carnival Act 1
Phantasy Star Online – Valentine
Ghost Trick – Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead
Mother 3 – Big Shots Theme

Final Fantasy VIII – The Man with the Machine Gun
Final Fantasy IX – Battle Theme
Flinthook – Mining Machine
Curses ‘N Chaos – Curses ‘N Chaos
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment – Hitting Close To Home (Tower of Fates Entrance)

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – The Danger Zone
Snipperclips – Silly Science
Yakuza 0 – Fever Time
STRAFE – Bitter Depths
Sonic Mania – Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1

Wave Race 64 – Castle City
Wave Race 64 – Milky Lake
Castle Crashers – Ninja Pirate Battle
Maxo – Tope Doge (Featuring K.K. Slider)
Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void – Swing Factory (Inside)
Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void – Final Boss

Mode 7 – 08/06/17

The Unintentionally Jazz Show

This show was really jazzy for some reason, but who doesn’t love a bit of swing every now and then 😉

The Playlist!

ARMS – Buster Beach
F-Zero – Mute City (Mariachi Entertainment System)
Sonic Mania – Theme of the Hard-Boiled Heavies
Wario Land: Shake It – Glitter Town
Kirby Air Ride – Menu

Monster Hunter the Jazz – Proof of a Hero
Turnabout Jazz Soul – OBJECTION!!!
Threads of Fate – Passing Through the Forest
Pyre – Grand Ceremony
Pyre – Sky Dance
Pyre – Path to Glory

Ever Oasis – Overworld
Splatoon 2 – Acid Hues
Mega Man X4 – Opening Stage Zero
Hey! Pikmin – World 4 Course Select
Hacknet – Remi Gallego

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Etrian Odyssey IV – Faith Is My Pillar
Miitopia – Battle (Rare)

Mode 7 – 07/30/17

The Inky Show.

Collin wrestled control of the show back from Wander and Agro

The Playlist!

Splatoon 2 – Don’t Slip
Splatoon 2 – Shooting Starfish
Miitopia – Amiibo Girl
Plok – Akrillic
Ape Escape – Time Station

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards – Checkerboard Chase
Kirby Planet Robobot – Lovely Yellow Va-Va-Vrooms
Kirby Planet Robobot – Bountiful Star
Kirby Planet Robobot – Underwater Quarter
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 BBS – Wave of Darkness
Kid Icarus Uprising – Boss Fight 2

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – In the Face of Evil
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Cheap Shop
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Technoman
Treasure Master – World 2

Yoshi’s Woolly World – Sponge Cave Spelunking
Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows – Art through Adversity
Chrono Trigger – Battle
Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time

Mode 7 – 07/23/2017

Wander and Agro Ride AGAIN AGAIN.

Somebody let those boys back into the station…

The Playlist!

Bastion – Slinger’s song
Star Wars – KOTOR – The Sith/Endar Spire
Towerfall: Ascension – Dance of the Sun God
F-Zero – Mute City

Forza Motor Sport 2 – Race 2 Alex Metric – It Starts
Snowboard Kids 2 – Sunny Mountain
Rush 2049 – Stunted

Fallot – Ring a Ding Baby [Remix] by Icky
Mario Striker’s Charged – Wario’s Theme
Fighting is Magic – Twilight Sparkles Stage Theme
TF2 – Coward Killing Time [Original] by The Quick Brown Fox
Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix by Danny & PokeRemixStudio

Pyre – In the Flame
Helldivers – Main Theme
Shadow of the Colossus – A Violent Encounter [Request]
Smash Bros Melee – Pokefloats
Lego LOTR – Disco Phial