Lost In Oscillation

Saturday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Genres: Minimal Synth, Synthpop, New Wave, Industrial, EBM, New Beat, Post-Punk, Acid House, Chicago House, Italo-Disco, Electro, Deep House, Garage House, Hip House, Techno, Rai, Ambient
Host: Yasmine Jalali

Inspired by countless Internet blogs such as Die or D.I.Y.? and reissue labels such as Minimal Wave, Music From Memory, Dark Entries, and Mannequin Records, Lost In Oscillation focuses on preserving underground electronic music and even showcasing local and international experiments within the genre. It forges links between 1980s EBM and today’s industrial techno (think labels like Blackest Ever Black and Regis’ Downwards), early minimal synth projects and contemporary musicians channeling a similar sound, and more. Each set is a mixed bag with the intention of creating an original identity and keeping it weird and weirder.

The last show (128kbps / 24kbps)

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The show before (128kbps / 24kbps)

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Lost In Oscillation – 12/11/2022

The Dead Goldfish Ensemble – Ace
Ruth – Misty Mouse
Cheiron – Land After Life
Steve Vanguard – Dead Shadow
Poeme Electronique – She’s An Image
Parade Ground – Moderne Hunting
L.A.S.’s Crime – Incommunication
Andi Arroganti – Schöne neue liebe
Kon.G.nial – Ich suche deine Liebe
Time Modem – Suono Elettrico
Kontravoid – Judgment (Kris Baha Remix)
Havoc – Attitude (319 Edition)
Krishna Goineau feat. MCL – La Dance
Pais Tropical – Melodya (Shockcut Mix)
Polyphonic Size – Rendez Vous (rehearsal recording of “Logique Polygonale”)
Don Minx – Dance
Spleen Ideal – Encore un jour
Intooitive Plane – Plane I

Sound Of K – Silvery Sounds (Technasia Hard Mix)
Elegia – Art Of Silence
Dark Earth – Jang = War
Elecktroids – Check Mate
Oligo – Sirens
Frank Youngwerth – Whirr (Original)
Reggie R – Strings ‘89
Robert Armani – Heavy Bass
Drexciya – Nautilus 12
Gene Hunt – Untitled (b-side of Wild Dance)
Rational Youth – Dancing on the Berlin Wall
96 Eyes – Starship
I-F – Floating Away In A Hole Darker Than Yours (Melvin White Remix)
Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One – Shambala
Oppenheimer Analysis – Behind The Shades
Cacophony ‘33’ – Fabrication

Lost In Oscillation – 5/21/20

Alden Tyrell
– La Voix
Kontravoid – Cut To Cleanse
Der Zyklus – Elektronisches Zeitecho
Time Motem – Intensive World
The Force Dimension – Tension – Blue Version
Psyche – Insatiable
Mark Lane – Who’s Really Listening
Cortex – Cortex R
Cheiron – Land After Life
Opfer Der Hingabe – Prediction – Brainwave Version
N.Y. House’n Authority – APT. 1B
Leron Carson – Dedicated
Orlando Voorn – Deep City

Lost In Oscillation – 5/14/20

A Gethsémani – Chanson D’Amour
Paris Bis – Unis Dans La Nuit Unique
Sophie & Peter Johnson – Sold On You
Gayna Rose Madder – Over
Linear Movement – You Won
White Pain – A Kick In Your Mind
Diseño Corbusier – El Alma De La Estrella
Depeche Mode – Two Minute Warning
June – The Passenger
Chris Carter – Electrodub 2
Steve “Silk” Hurley – I Don’t Know

Lost In Oscillation – 2/24/20

New Musik
– The Planet Doesn’t Mind – 12” Version
File 13 – Party Line
Sarr Band – Double Action
Isolation Ward – Lamina Christus
Orbidöig – Nocturnal Operations
DIN – Too Much
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria 
Tuxedomoon – Jinx
Richenel – I Need Your Love
No Smoke – Ai Shi Temasu (Japanese Love)

Lost In Oscillation – 11/21/19

Frank Tovey
- Clean This Act Up

Severed Heads - Now, an Explosive New Movie
Die Gesunden - Der Weg zum Erfolg
TWINS - Slow Decline
GRUN WASSER - Stranger's Mouth
Malaria! - Lay Lady Lay
Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring
Post Industrial Noise - Think
Cindy Lee - Operation
Ghosts of Dance - Till I Wake
Wizard Apprentice - I Am Invisible
Art Feynman - Shelter
Arthur Russell - Springfield