Schedule and Directions

For those who are playing the show, we are currently playing at the Student Center studio. Send your booking contact a message for parking info.

8:00pm – Band shows up, starts setting up. Live at WREK crew start hauling and setting up equipment.
8:30pm – Band mostly done setting up. Live at WREK crew set up equipment; they can’t generally set up much until the band finishes setting up and gets out of the way.
8:45pm – Band starts soundchecking for monitor mix.
9:00pm – Band continues soundcheck, this time for the broadcast mix.
9:40pm – Band gets a 20 minute break.
10:00pm – Start of Live at WREK radio show.
11:00pm – End of Live at WREK radio show.
11:30pm – Everything is broken down and put away. Band van is loaded.

We’ll give you the on-air radio mix and the tracks separately if desired!

If the band doesn’t show up at 8:00, then the schedule slides: the band still has to load in and set up. The Live at WREK equipment still must be set up. What gets lost is the soundcheck. If we start the show without a soundcheck, it will start out sounding really bad. So please show up on time. Or else people will think you suck. And you don’t, right?