Live at WREK

Tonight on L@W: The ATL C***s Orchestra

Tonight we have the fabulous ATL C***s Orchestra playing. Be sure to tune in at 10PM to listen to them live!

T is for T.A.C.O. by The ATL C***s Orchestra

The ATL C***s Orchestra on Facebook

Adron 10/25

Adron will be joining us tonight on Live at Wrek! Tune in at 10PM and check them out.

Adron is the nom de guerre of Adrienne McCann, young singer and songwriter who has been lately rejuvinating the pop music scene in Atlanta, Georgia. Adron seamlessly blends Classical harmony with the playfulness of ‘60s Brazilian Tropicàlia, the earnestness and sentiment of 70’s songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson, and the cerebral sincerity of the hymn song.


The Subliminator 10/11

A lot of his songs end up being kind of technoish, but once again, it’s a hippy biker version of techno. Fucking sick!

Need we say more! Atlanta legend The Subliminator joined us for a session. Check out his new EP!

Playlist by The Subliminator

Qurious 9/28

Qurious (recently voted Atlanta’s Best Ambient Composers by Creative Loafing) joined us last night for a session!

Qurious is not so much a band as it is a vessel. A vessel transports you into the dark far reaches of space and back, in an attempt to impart in their listeners a new-found, alien third-person perspective on the world and the infinite natural beauty that surrounds. Such a voyage is fueled through the production of ethereal musical landscapes constructed with hypnotizing vocal melodies, dance-inducing synthesizers, and found-samples gathered along the way. Your guides/abductors for this trek are a duo composed of one part singer/songwriter Catherine Quesenberry with a specialty in vocals, korg, and a secret weapon, and one part Mike Netland, engineer of samples, beats, and robo-phonetics. They’re coming to your planet, to your venues, to your homes. Their songs will draw you in like a sound-wave tractor beam. Don’t be scared though. They’re just Qurious.

Check out their new video!

Download their albums for free:

Easter Island 9/20

Athens, GA band Easter Island will be joining us tonight!

Easter Island‘s progressive sound is one of the leading revivalists re-forging the yuppie angst pop that defined the mid 90s and early 00s. This impressive group, of classically trained guys hail from Athens, GA and have been playing together in a carousel of revolving bands since 2005, when vocalist Ethan Payne met lead guitarist Nathan Thompson. Payne (formerly of The Cubs, Union & Corduroy Road) has worked in the film industry for the past three years as a freelance shooter/editor/boom operator. Recently, he produced the Soundie: a series of lo-fi music videos featuring mostly local musicians and bands inspired by Vincent Moon’s takeaway shows.

Their love for creating music evolved from college bands to mature sounds and when Payne’s brother Asher Payne (vocalist and pianist) moved to Athens to pursue a Master’s in vocal performance, Easter Island was born. As drummer John Cable (The Corduroy Road and Moses Gunn) and bassist Andrew Terrell joined the band, the puzzle for the perfect mix was complete. Their balance of calculated chaos, inspired by their birth into their mid-20’s, yuppie adulthood and love gone awry, forms an addictive sound that is just reminiscent enough of 90s pop to create a sentimental familiarity that is surprisingly easy to listen to.

They have quickly gained a following in the South, just as their EP Better Things, is being released this March. Better Things was produced by Five-Eight drummer Patrick Ferguson, at the newly renovated and reopened 1093 Boulevard Studio, in Athens. They have already began work on their next release, full of even more delicious sounds, galvanizing lyrics and of course, their wholly unique vocals.