Live at WREK


Tonight we have SEX FARM. It’s fuzzy punky pissed-off rock. It’s going to be sweet. Tune in at 10pm to catch em.

Check out their bandcamp¬†cause it’s cool.

Clibber Jones Ensemble

Tonight we have the first Live at WREK of Spring 2017 featuring the Clibber Jones Ensemble. It’s gonna be a post-rocky mathy neo classical melting pot. Tune in at 10pm to catch it!

Listen Here!

Live at WREK Schedule

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Live@WREK 4/17/12 – John Vournakis

Tonight we have John Vournakis playing for us, 10PM.

Born in Connecticut, raised in Georgia, and edified in Michigan, John Vournakis writes songs in the American tradition that wander toward a ground he can call his own.

With lyrics and melodies equal parts nostalgic and haunted, Vournakis questions what it means to be a good man in America today.

Tune in and join us!

Live@WREK 4/10/12

Tonight we have Bosco playing on Live@WREK. Tune in to 91.1 or listen to us online at 10PM to get your local music fix!

Bosco (Photo Credit: Portia Jay)