Live at WREK

Wolfson Greene | Live at WREK | 1-23-2018

Wolfson Greene played and it was chill. Check it out y’all. Check them out here.

Insomniac | Live at WREK | 1-16-2018

Insomniac blew the studio to bits. Check it out below.

floral print | Live at WREK | 11-14-2017

floral print took over Live at WREK and broke our hearts. Check out their Bandcamp here and their Live at WREK performance below.

Fever Monkey | Live at WREK | 11-7-2014

Fever Monkey took over Live at WREK with some jazzy-rocky goodness. Check out the video below!

Flohr | Live at WREK | 10-31-2017

Flohr gave us a sick modular synthesizer set and a cool tutorial on creating a Krell patch. Check them out below!