History 1999 – 2001

1-May-01 Whirlaway— Though out of South Florida, they can play shoegazer style with the best of the brits! Catch em on the 2nd o’ May at MJQ.
24-Apr-01 TBA
17-Apr-01 TBA
10-Apr-01 Rabies Babies
3-Apr-01 Gretchen Giggley
27-Mar-01 Tourniquette–Let’s give these boys another shot at turning up.
20-Mar-01 Thatcher See Miles
13-Mar-01 Maserati–This (mostly) Athens based band is gracing the airwaves of WREK. They haven’t been around all that long, but they’re making quite the name for themselves. Think Tristeza with a bit more attitude.
6-Mar-01 Blaise Siwula Trio–Expositions of Freedom…Now! with Blaise Siwula: Saxophone, Vattel Cherry: Bass, Jeff Arnal: Drums played at WREK on March 6, 2001. An experimental jazz trio from Brooklyn, NY, they also performed at Eyedrum in Atlanta on March 8, 2001.
27-Feb-01 The Found Sounds
20-Feb-01 Woody Williams and World Dub–It’s another week of local jazz drummer greats. If you like what you hear check Woody and an ever changing group of guests at MJQ on Wednesdays.
13-Feb-01 Tourette’s (Segmentation)–Yet another jazz incarnation from local drummer John Bowman, Ervin Lockett (Guitar), and Daniel McEntyre (Guitar), and one of our own Tony Gordon (Bass).
6-Feb-01 Jonathan Moore–One man, his computer and guitar.
30-Jan-01 FHO–An indie jazz concoction featuring the likes of Patrick Foley (The Flakes, Sound Device), and Adam Overton (Wislov)
23-Jan-01 Tourniquette–No Show. WREK got Oceloted. Strike 1
16-Jan-01 Van Heroin— No Show. Strike 1.
9-Jan-01 The X-Impossibles
2-Jan-00 No Band-Winter Break
26-Dec-00 No Band-Winter Break
19-Dec-00 No Band-Winter Break
12-Dec-00 No Band-Finals Week
5-Dec-00 Good Friday Experiment — Been less than a year since they’ve been on L@W, but it’s record release time for these space boys.
28-Nov-00 Collapser — This band rounds out the November GTech band highlight month.
21-Nov-00 The November Edition — A bunch of WREK staffers that “play” instruments pile into the studio and make noise.
14-Nov-00 The Cracklins -Contact: timbonater@hotmail.com Another Tech band with a WREKster.
7-Nov-00 Used for Comparison — A band with one of our own (Charles). Kind of a TMBG gone awry. This starts off Live at WREK’s GTech’s Showcase month. (All Tech bands bands….brace yourself)
31-Oct-00 0% Vitamin A — Contact: kellyv3@mindspring.com Not terribly sure what to expect. They’re OTP, so we shall see.
24-Oct-00 Samadha — Contact: samad808@hotmail.com (Chris)–Be excited, be very excited. They just released a 12″ on Hefty records. Instruments used: Theremin, Wurlitzer piano, Sax, Upright Bass, and Drums. Need I say more?
17-Oct-00 Hex Error — Contact: hexerror@email.com This group has had a bit of an identity crisis as they’ve also gone under the names The End and Subcon and a few others.
10-Oct-00 Rizzudo — Contact: plexorjet@excite.com (Gill)–Many similar members in Plexorjet, but ah what a different sound.
3-Oct-00 Plexorjet — Contact: plexorjet@excite.com (Gill)–See above.
26-Sept-00 Posh Digs — Contact: ashley@theplasticplan.com (Ashley)–They rock AND have PD removable tattoos to boot!!
19-Sept-00 Copenhill — Contact: bikeda@mindspring.com (Brian)
12-Sept-00 Mademoiselle–Not the real name of the band, but rather a misinterpreted e-mail. Jazz.
5-Sept-00 The Sound Device — Contact: thesounddevice@hotmail.com (Patrick)
29-Aug-00 Copa Vance–Members of John Brown, Galanas Cerdd (and a bunch of other bands), with the drummer from Some Soviet Station.
22-Aug-00 Clarknova — Contact: devoec@us.ibm.com (Christopher)
15-Aug-00 The Bill Page Jazz Quartet — Jazz group from Birmingham,AL
08-Aug-00 Fktron
01-Aug-00 The Cold Process –Contact: mux@runawaypi.com
25-Jul-00 King Lear Jet — Contact: gcr@mindspring.com (Chris)
18-Jul-00 Haricort Vert
11-Jul-00 Hazard — Contact: hazard_@hotmail.com (Benny) — An experimental musician from Sweden, this show is the first date on their 3 week US tour.
04-Jul-00 No show, holiday
27-Jun-00 Vendettas — Contact: kx2@prism.gatech.edu (Keith)
20-Jun-00 The Honkeys — An instrumental surf band from St. Louis, they’re going to be in town recording and will be able to come into the studio and play for us.
13-Jun-00 Hell Mach 4
06-Jun-00 The Flakes
30-May-00 Vietnam
23-May-00 Wislov — Contact: overtones99@hotmail.com (Adam)
16-May-00 Academy — Cancelled the day of the show because someone in the band had jury duty. At 11pm. On a Tuesday.
09-May-00 No show, break week
02-May-00 No show, finals week
25-Apr-00 Thin Edible Teenagers
18-Apr-00 Chocolate Kiss
11-Apr-00 The Scallywags — featuring the punk rock turntablism of DJ Gavinbomb Stickfigure
04-Apr-00 Good Friday Experiment
28-Mar-00 Ocelot — cancelled cause the band didn’t show up
21-Mar-00 ElectroSleep International
14-Mar-00 The Rock Coaches
07-Mar-00 The Close
29-Feb-00 The Purkinje Shift
22-Feb-00 All Time Present — Featuring Chris Forsyth, Ethan Sklar, and Rich Gross on electric guitar. An experimental group from Brooklyn, NY, they are also performing as a duo (minus Ethan Sklar) at the EyedrumWed Feb 23rd.
15-Feb-00 Nothin’ but Treble — This all-female a capella group is made up of all Georgia Tech students, and they’ve been slowly making a name for themselves.
08-Feb-00 Machete
01-Feb-00 The Dennis Meierhofer and Jason Schmidt Sex Explosion
25-Jan-00 The Black Mollies
18-Jan-2000 Project Xendhakiss — featuring Marshall Avrett on sax, WREK’s own Tony Gordon on bass, and Stewart Voegtlin on drums.
23-Nov-99 The Living Jarboe
16-Nov-99 Man… Or Astroman? (taped rebroadcast)
15-Nov-99 Man… Or Astroman? (special Monday edition)
Note: 11 p.m.
09-Nov-99 Rjransome and the Ziglar Mountain Boys
02-Nov-99 X Ray Thread
26-Oct-99 Knox
19-Oct-99 Some Soviet Station
12-Oct-99 October Edition
05-Oct-99 The Chatmans
28-Sep-99 The Purkinje Shift (they cancelled due to illness)
21-Sep-99 American Standard
14-Sep-99 The Chapmans
07-Sep-99 Ocelot
31-Aug-99 Jesus Saves (featuring WREK’s very own Steven Fenton)
24-Aug-99 The End of the West
17-Aug-99 Ensemble Elastique (re-broadcast)
10-Aug-99 Man .. or Astroman?
(cancelled at last minute due to family emergency — will be rescheduled)
03-Aug-99 Mock Heroic Re-Re-Broadcast (from Live @ WREK 01-Jun-99)
27-Jul-99 Mazel-tov Cocktail (klezmer)
20-Jul-99 Dead on Tuesday (ska)
13-Jul-99 Ensemble Elastique (improv)
29-Jun-99 Flux Capacitor
22-Jun-99 Forever
15-Jun-99 Ben Davis (solo saxophone)
08-Jun-99 Flat Earth Society — rebroadcast
01-Jun-99 Mock Heroic
25-May-99 Flat Earth Society — recorded for rebroadcast (WREK off air)
18-May-99 Man or Astroman? — postponed (WREK off air)
11-May-99 The Cracklins
04-May-99 Branch Davidiots
27-Apr-99 Jet By Day
20-Apr-1999 Varsity Orange