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涟漪 Lian Yi 1/23/2023: Home

Happy Spring Festival! I hope everyone has been having a good new year. Like many of you, I’ve been eating a lot of good food and spending time reconnecting with family. I’ve also been thinking a lot about what it means to be with family, what home means, and what it means to feel safe. With what happened this weekend, it seems more important than ever to hold onto that. So, I hope the collection of songs here can soothe you and remind you about the beauty of this holiday. As a reminder, most Cpop songs lack official English translations, so I have translated most of them myself. If you want to look anything up, it’s best to stick to the Chinese names.

“Ballad” by Ronghao Li, En

“Chengdu” by Zhao Lei, Can’t Grow Up*

“The Story of a Small Town” by Teresa Teng, Small Town Classics*

“Hometown” by Xu Wei, That Year*

“North Hollywood” by Mao Buyi, Perfect Day

“Shanghai 1943” by Jay Chou, Fantasy

“City Footsteps” by Paula Tsui, Every Step*

“Mountains and Rivers of Hometown“ by Li Jian, Music of My Pride

“The Prose Poetry of My Father” by Xu Fei, The Prose Poetry of My Father*

“The Sea, My Hometown” by Li Jian, Spoil*

“Bidding Farewell” by Pu Shu, Orion: Special Performance*

*denotes an unofficial English translation











《送别》朴树,《猎户星座 专场》


涟漪 Lian Yi 11/21/2022: 90s KTV

Hello everyone! Since I’m going home to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking a lot about the music that they enjoyed in their youth–music that they ended up playing for me and my sister a lot as kids. So, from the depths of my memory comes this setlist! As always, songs with unofficial translations are denoted with asterisks. Hope everyone has a nice break!

“Just Like a Dream” by Na Ying, Totally

“Special Love for Special You” by Sky Wu, Special Love for Special You*

“Rain Keeps Falling” by Phil Chang, Rain Keeps Falling

“Dream to Awakening” by Sarah Chen, Telling You, Listening to You*

“Love Like Tides” by Jeff Chang, Worrying

“You Are My Woman” by Andy Lau, You Are My Woman

“Suffer for You” by Sandy Lam; Love, Sandy

“Hello and Good Bye” by Eason Chen, Preparation*

“The Curtain Falls” by Phil Chang, News

* denotes an unofficial translation







《为你我受冷风吹》林忆莲,《Love, Sandy》




涟漪 Lian Yi 11/14: Warmth

Hi everyone! If you’re like me, the chill in the air this week has definitely gotten to you. Here are some sunny, cheery tracks to warm you up! As always, not all of these tracks have an official English translation, so use the Chinese name when Googling. I’ve included the setlist, the Spotify playlist below, and the Youtube link to the one song I couldn’t find on Spotify (Spotify put the rest of Li Jian’s discography back on your site please 🙁 )

“Warmth” by Wu Xiu Zhu, Wu Xiu Zhu Classics Nostalgia*

“Sunshine After the Rain” by Mavis Hee, Living by Night

“Warmth that Once Was” by Mao Buyi, A Little Mood for Love Soundtrack OST*

“Tropical Rainforest” by Eason Chan, The Easy Ride*

“Sunlight By Your Side” by Sunnee, Weather: Sunnee*

“The Sun” by Pika Chiu, The Sun*

“Memorable Moments” by Pets Tseng ft. Weibird, Memorable Moments

”Green Light” by Stefanie Sun, Kite

“Eternal Summer” by Mayday, The Best of 1999-2013

“The Warm Season” by Xu Wei, Every Moment is New*

”Red Sun” by Hacken Lee, Red Sun

“Yearning” by Li Jian, Classic*

* denotes unofficial translation




《热带雨林》陈奕迅,《The Easy Ride》





《盛夏光年》五月天,《步步Mayday×五月天the Best of 1999‐2013》





“Yearning” by Li Jian up above! The rest of the setlist below!

涟漪 Lian Yi 11/7/2022: Chill

Hello everyone! We have a list of chill tracks for today’s episode. The songs I played are in the Spotify playlist below. I’ve also included a Chinese and English setlist. As a reminder, not all of the songs I played today have official English translations, so if you’re going Googling, it’s safer to go with the Chinese names.

Poverty or Wealth by Li Ronghao, Ear

The Other Me by A Si and Amber Kuo, The Other Me*

Floating Subway by Chris Lee, Mine*

Love Confession by Jay Chou, Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories*

Teenager by Ronghao Li, En

Midsummer by Mao Buyi, Ordinary Day*

20s 30s by Ronghao Li, Ronghao Li

You Are Written in My Song by Sodagreen and Ella Chen, Across the Trouble Water*

12345 by SUGARCAT and Outlander, SUGARCAT

The World’s Most Wonderful Prayer by Wowkie Da, The World’s Most Wonderful Prayer*

In Every Night I Miss You by Li Jian, Music of My Pride*

* denotes an unofficial translation


《世界上的另一个我》,阿肆 、 郭采洁,《世界上的另一个我》






《你被写在我的歌里》,苏打绿、陈嘉桦 Ella,《你在烦恼什么》





涟漪 Lian Yi 10/24

Hello! Today’s topic is about fall. Other than the first song, which I linked the Youtube link to, you can find the rest in the Spotify link below. I’ve also included the setlist written out that is more Google-able! As a reminder, most Cpop songs lack official English translations, so I have translated most of them myself. If you want to look anything up, it’s best to stick to the Chinese names.

《风吹麦浪》 李健,《想念你》、《拾光》




《秋风夜雨》江蕙,《台湾民谣,Vol. 1: 秋风夜雨》









“The Wind Over the Wheat Field” by Li Jian from Thinking of You and later Classic*

“Starting With a Fallen Leaf” by Sodagreen from Autumn: Stories

“One Like Summer, One Like Fall” by Christine Fan from Our Anniversary*

“Fall Cicadas” by Xu Xiao Jing and Yang Fang Xi*

“Autumn Winds Night Rain” by Jody Chiang from Taiwan Folk Songs, Vol. 1*

“Autumn Comes and Goes” by Sally Yeh*

“Maple Leaf” by Jay Chou from November’s Chopin

“The Sea in Fall” by Tarcy Su from Truth About Love*

“Li Xiang Lan/Deep Autumn Feeling” by Jacky Cheung from Kiss Goodbye*

“Autumn Dream” by Tsai Chin from I Have a Relationship*

“Leaves of Maple, Leaves of Romance” by Fong Fei-fei*

“White Autumn” by Yico Tseng*

*denotes an unofficial English translation