Goldsoundz 9-10-19

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Pictured: KOKOKO! (source)


Drink and Glide – Snapped Ankles

Protective – French Vanilla

Fluffy Kosmisch – Kikagaku Moyo

Black Mould – Ulrika Spacek


Buka Dansa – KOKOKO!

The Wheel – Tshegue

Sola – La Chica

Acceleration – CANNIBALE


Vanilla (Here We Go Again) – Anemone

Lucy – Goodfight

Green Dollar Bills – Wizaard

Lucky – Lucie,Too


Thank You Neil – Dumbo Gets Mad

Indicatif – Moderne

Lemon Water – Professor Caveman

Spirit of Now – Vinyl Williams

Goldsoundz 9-3-19

Pictured: BEA1991 (Source)

Morgan Delt – Sun Powers
Jonny Kosmo – Parrots of Highland Park
Drugdealer, Dougie Poole – Wild Motion
Aporia – Psychic Driving

Blood Orange – Bad Girls
The Pastels – Comin’ Through
DirtBike – In and out of Love
Pavo Pavo – 100 Years

Kedr Livanskiy – LED
SASSY 009 – Thrasher
BEA1991 – Did You Feel Me Slip Away?

Goldsoundz 8-27-19

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Pictured: Kedr Levinskiy (Source)

Rubber Band Gun – Keep On Loosening It Up
Jay Som – If You Want It
Neon Bunny – Long-D
J Fernandez – Expressive Machine

Baseball Gregg – On a Bus
Ginger Root – Mahjong Room
Goodbye Garden – Julep
Vanishing Twin – The Conservation of Energy

IDLES – I Dream Guillotine
Dude York – Box
Versing – 3D
Greys – Kill Appeal

Flasher – Sun Come And Golden
Sleaford Mods – Negative Script
Kedr Livankskiy – Your Need (твоя беда)
P.H.F. – Ur An Excuse
Robokid – Take Me Down

Goldsoundz 08/20/19

Lisovskaya/iStock via Getty Images
Pictured: French Vanilla (Source)

The Fall – Ty Segall

Twelve Divisions of the Day – Drahla

Friendly Fire – French Vanilla

Gold Hole – Shame


Be a Better Friend – Eyedress

Sandman – Trudy and the Romance

Gazing – Winona Forever

If I’d Known – Kero Kero Bonito

Meteorological – Guerilla Toss


My World Fell Down – Sagittarius

Did U Ever Notice – Travis Bretzer

L Bright – Frankie Broyles

En Lea – Muddy Monk


Even in My Dreams (All My Life) – Draa

In The Sun Again – Sunny Day Service

Out of Line – Bedchamber

It’s Alright With Me – Part Time

You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now – Parquet Courts


Goldsoundz 07-30-19

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Pictured: The Holydrug Couple I (source)


Firewall – Sleaford Mods

Layin’ It on the Line – Yak

Move Along, Move Ahead – French Vanilla

Words Without Voice – Paradox Obscur


Hold Nothing – Kontravoid

Let’s Dance Raw – Shintaro Sakamoto

Lifetime – Yves Tumor


Videotapes – Blouse

Hank Williams – Pottery

I’ll Only Say This – The Holydrug Couple

It’s All About You – MUNYA


It’s Alright – Horsebeach

Illumination – Broadcast

I’ll be In the Sky – Peaking Lights

Phantasm Gem – Boys Age