Goldsoundz 10-08-19

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Pictured: Morabeza Tobacco (source)


I Am a Joker! – BEA1991


I’ve Been Shot – Puzzle

Future Doesn’t Know – Guerilla Toss


TTYL – Morabeza Tobacco

Sincerely Yours – Omni

Syndrome – Froth

Like Before You Were Born – DIIV


Imperial Chai – Go Cozy

One Eye Open – Black Marble

Domino – Corridor

Shaking Hand – Women


Preoccupied – Slow Pulp

Neptune – Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra, Moodoid


Goldsoundz 10-01-19

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Pictured: Ana Roxanne (source)


Cool with It – Shirlie

Days – No Vacation

Crazy from the Heat – Room Thirteen

Timemachine – anemoneyouth


Valley in the Ocean – Bruno Pernadas

また明日 (Alternate Version) – OGRE YOU ASSHOLE

Blood Red Lebanon – Jons


I’m Every Sparkly Woman – Ana Roxanne

Survivor – Tshegue

Lavi – Johan Papaconstantino

Night Before – Sixth June


Diary of a Rose – Mega Bog

Worry Worm – Balue

No One Else Around – Orchid Mantis

Goldsoundz 09-24-19

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Pictured:  Y La Bamba (Source)

Why Love – Kedr Livanskiy

Nihilist Kite Flyer – Loving

Brain – infinite bisous

Watering the Garden – Brad stank


Jealous Guy – Sorry

Arcanum – Show Me the Body

Plants – Guerilla Toss

Preservation Bias (K7 Version) – Linea Aspera


Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Forest Fire

Y La Bamba – Boca Llena

Hello Ocho – In Portuguese

Yucky Duster – Real Good Case of the Bads


Pearl & The Oysters – Cocoa Sun

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Mtlov (Minor Keys)

Christopher Owens – Nothing More Than Everything to Me

Masino – A Life For Me

Pia Fraus – How Fast Can You  Love



Goldsoundz 09-17-19

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Pictured: Deeper (source)


Too Far Gone – Triptides

PA’ LANTE – Yukons

It’s All About You – MUNYA

Houseboat – Slow Pulp


Storefront – The Cactus Channel

On Meadows – National Perks

Mrs Magic – Strawberry Guy

UFO – Frankie Cosmos


Goth – Sidewalks and Skeletons

Loving Myself – Versing

Skeleton Key – Omni

Bennington – Deeper


Flash – The Hecks

Rodeo Fever – Empath

Mushroom – Inner Wave

Graph of Desire – Crack Cloud

Goldsoundz 9-10-19

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Pictured: KOKOKO! (source)


Drink and Glide – Snapped Ankles

Protective – French Vanilla

Fluffy Kosmisch – Kikagaku Moyo

Black Mould – Ulrika Spacek


Buka Dansa – KOKOKO!

The Wheel – Tshegue

Sola – La Chica

Acceleration – CANNIBALE


Vanilla (Here We Go Again) – Anemone

Lucy – Goodfight

Green Dollar Bills – Wizaard

Lucky – Lucie,Too


Thank You Neil – Dumbo Gets Mad

Indicatif – Moderne

Lemon Water – Professor Caveman

Spirit of Now – Vinyl Williams