Goldsoundz 06-25-19

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Pictured: Barrie (source)


Night on Earth – Jerkcurb

Dream Boy – Dinner Time, Lunar Vacation

Flipper – Pasteboard

Dark Tropical – Barrie


Plastic Love – Divino Niño

Spring Rain – Elephant Gym

Happy Days – Winona Forever


Icebreaker – Cowgirl Clue

M.R. – Crumb

Oof – Inner Wave

Pestisound (Moving Out) – Snapped Ankles


Running from a Dream – Red Sea

Porch Song – Orchid Mantis

It Will Happen the Next Time Around – Ruby Haunt

Goldsoundz 6-11-19

Pictured: Tamaryn (source)


Chase Ceglie – Giuliana

Stevie Dinner – 100 Percent Juice

Michael Nau – Shadow On

Chicano Batman – La Jura


Hellier Ulysses – Destroy What Destroys You

MorMor – Days Like This

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 – JBS


Princess Nokia – Biohazard Butterfly

Tamaryn – Fits of Rage

Automelodi – La poussièr

Pip Blom – Ruby


Ulrika Spacek – Full of Men

Selofan – The Wheels of Love

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Silent Era

Goldsoundz 06-04-19

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Pictured: Sasami Ashworth (Source)

Mongoose – Bohemian Girlfriend
Gold Celeste – The Dreamers
Roman à Clef – PSBTV
Girls – Love Like a River

Heavenly – C Is The Heavenly Option
Smith Westerns – Weekend
SASAMI – Jealousy
Satellite Jockey – Copernicus

Pearl Sugar – 4 the Gold
Shana Cleveland – Face of the Sun
Art Lord & the Self-Portraits – Lantern Sigh

Foxygen – On Blue Mountain
Magic Potion – Jelly
Andrew Younker – Wasting My Life
Cate le Bon – Daylight Matters

Goldsoundz 5-28-19

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Pictured: infinite bisous (Source)

Crumb – Ghostride
Earth Dad – Carl’s First Halloween
infinite bisous – Importance

Jons – In the Yard
Club Kuru – By the Windowpane
Part Time – My Jamey

Porches – Goodbye
Bby Carrots – Me & U
No Vacation – Reaper

Terry vs. Tori – Braille
Wand – Melted Rope
Spellling – Dirty Desert Dreams

Steve Lacy – Playground
Protomartyr – What the Wall Said
Drahla – Pyramid Estate

Snapped Ankles – Skirmish in the Suburbs
W.H. Lung – Empty Room

Goldsoundz 05-21-19

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Pictured: Tanukichan (Source)

Tanukichan – Bitter Medicine
Los Retros – Someone to Spend Time With
Mndsgn – Camelblues
J Fernandez – Volcanic Winter

Pia Fraus – The End of Time and Space Like We Used to Know It Is After You Have Finished Your Tea Approximately at 5:07 PM
Mercury Girls – Ariana
Dehd – Lucky

Kero Kero Bonito – Swimming
BOYO – Dreamscapes
Men I Trust – Show Me How
Weyes Blood – A Lot’s Gonna Change

Town Criers – Tamales Kisses
Sunset Rollercoaster – Villa
Anemone – Memory Lane

Drugdealer – Fools
Benny Sings – Not Enough
Rentboy – Flower
Parquet Courts – Outside