Full Album Appreciation

Full Album Appreciation 12/22

This Morning’s Album:

Thievery Corporartion – Saudade

Saudade (Thievery Corporation album) cover.jpg

Saudade is a portuguese word describing a melancholy. longing, nostalgia sort of feeling. This album is a series of super chill songs sung in lovely lady voices. There are like four different languages and five different singers. There are also 13 other listed instrumental contributors plus a string ensemble.

Thievery Corporation started with two guys in DC bonding over their love of bossa nova and the like. They created a label a year or so later and continued expanding the band while coming out with releases. Once they get you to contribute to an album you’ve joined the corporation so their band has over 40 people in it now who are re-used on various albums. They also switch up the genre quite a bit which is exciting.

Catch y’all next week!

Full Album Appreciation 12/15

This Morning’s Album:

Shlohmo – Fine, Thanks

Image result for shlohmo fine thanks

I also played his release Bad Vibes: Rarities and Extras

These are the two most recent releases from LA based DJ, Shlohmo. They’re mostly songs he’s gone over and remixed which I think is cool cause there’s way more intricacies and weird sounds in the new stuff.

Shlomo as a person is not that exciting

Full Album Appreciation 12/8

This Morning’s Album:

The Scientist – The Scientist Rids the World of the Curse of the Evil Intergalactic Vampires!

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This week I thought it might be nice to tone it down with some dub so we could all have one last chill before finals kick in.

Also I thought this album would be extra good cause this show is at 3 am and the album sounds like space. Space sounds are very good for the early morning in my opinion.

Oh also before this album I played the song Seconds Away by Scientist cause I think that song’s great (also because it starts with the words “Scientist in Dubwise!”)

So here we are, way too early for any sane person to be awake listening to one of the most prominent sound engineers in the Reggae/dub scene. This guy’s done loads of stuff. LOADS. Started off fixing small stuff in King Tubby’s studio before he finally talked his way into working there as a sound engineer before he moved to studio one working with the Roots Radics before he moved to Washington D.C. in the 80’s to do god knows what (make more sick albums for one).

So he engineered and produced loads of records for people but also he put out so many albums on his own it’s almost obscene. Some of my favorites (like this one) depict him doing crazy stuff like fighting off space invaders, killing evil vampires, or my personal favorite, shooting dubstep into outer space.

Image result for the scientist encounters pac manImage result for the scientist rids the world of the evil intergalactic vampiresImage result for scientist heavyweight dub championImage result for the scientist rids the world of the evil intergalactic vampiresRelated image
Image result for the scientist shoots dubstep into outer space











Until Next week!

Full Album Appreciation 12/1

This Morning’s Album:

Spooky by Lush

Image result for Lush spooky

I started with a few songs from their album Gala which is my favorite album by them but it’s also a compilation put together by their record company of all of their singles so my integrity wouldn’t let me choose that one for tonight’s show.

Gala was used as their introduction to the US and Japan (they’re originally from England) and they put out Spooky two years after that.

They formed in the ’87, A female singer, two female guitarist/singers, a drummer and a bassist. The singer joined a different band, they became four and got famous as that group. Early on they were pretty punk but then they sort of transformed to pop via shoegaze. This album is more pop, most of their earlier stuff is in the form of singles and EP’s. They also put out one half hour long album before this one. (real talk, go listen to their early work I am very partial to it)

They broke up in 1996 because the drummer hung himself. I know. I found out last week and I can’t get over it that’s so messed up.

Until next week.

Full Album Appreciation THANKSGIVING

This Morning’s Album(s):

Fripp & Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets

Brian Eno – Music for Films

Image result for Eno Music for films

I played side A and the first song of side B from Here Come the Warm Jets

Fripp and Eno was a collaboration project Eno did with Robert Fripp from the band King Crimson. They came out with quite a few albums, I would recommend them all.

The main focus of this morning was the album Music For Films. This was arguably Eno’s first thorough dip into ambience. He initially only released it to a bunch of film production companies hoping they’d use some songs as movie soundtracks but when that didn’t work out he just released it as an album and it did great.

Both of these albums were played straight from vinyl which I thought was kind of cool, a full album appreciation where we’re actually appreciating actual albums. Wow.

Also shout out to my mom cause she introduced me to these guys and I think they’re great and I think she’s great and thanksgiving had me thinking about family and that’s why I chose these albums.