Decompositions – 11/2/22

Carlo Patrao – Coney Island Creek Park/Brooklyn
Carlo Patrao – Loud Construction Site on 5th Avenue
Carlo Patrao – JayStreet Metro Tech Station at Night
Steven Rowell – Gramsci Monument
“night parabola”
Carlo Patrao – Safety Announcement, Staten Island Ferry
Carlo Patrao – Street Ambiance near a pizza joint downtown Brooklyn
Kink Gong – Soundscape China P1 and P2 -DIAN LONG: Soundscape China / Destruction of Chinese Pop (2018)


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Decompositions 9-7-22

Eno Moebius Roedelius – The Belldog

John Moran – First Act of “The Manson Family: An Opera”

Tom Johnson – Organ And Silence

Decompositions – 4-7-21 – hjfa;sldkf

Malte Giesen – stock footage piece 1 – business

Michael Beil – Key Jack

Meredith Monk – Tablet

decompositions august 25 2020 || laws of a speculative between

Julius Eastman – Gay Guerrilla

José Maceda – Colors Without Rhythm

Hyo Shin Na – All The Noises In The World

Decompositions – 5-13-20 – a piece

Joanna Bailie — Artificial Environments 1-5
Philip Glass – Temple Of The Golden Pavilion (‘like some enormous music’)
René Lussier, Martin Tétreault – Qu’ouïs je