Crush #99

Bassist Alex Gehring of Ringo Deathstarr


Crush #98

“Portland, Oregon” – The Cat’s Miaow
“Fireworks” – Aberdeen
“Anorak City” – Another Sunny Day
“Meet Me on Tuesdays” – The Brilliant Corners

“Sure to See” – 14 Iced Bears
“You Didn’t Love Me Then” – The Hit Parade
“All Of a Tremble” – St. Christopher
“If I Could Shine” – The Sweetest Ache

“Son Of A Gun” – The Vaselines
“I Love You Like the Way That I Used to Do” – Rocketship
“Throw Aggi Off the Bridge” – Black Tambourine
“Carbrain” – The Wake

“Waiting For The Winter” – The Popguns
“My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon” – The Siddeleys
“Sunflower” – The Springfields
“It’s Only Obvious” – The Orchids

“Alison” – Slowdive

Crush #97

Blueshift Signal – Between the Night and the Day
Star – Switchblade Heart
In Motion – Five and Twenty Thousand Days
Difference Engine – 5 Listens
Area – Green Light

Dearly – Only Betweens
Galaxie 500 – Temperature’s Rising
Kid Champion – Jaclyn and Chantel
Eric’s Trip – Hurt
Swirlies – WRONG TUBE
Sciflyer – (Reprise)
Here – Swirl

Crush #96

Best Available Technology – Grnd TDK SA-X100
Omit – Section One: Unit Three
Teleferique – Rast
Grim – Alps Noel
Tin Foil Star – Locked, but Not Hidden
Tin Foil Star – Strawberry Hips

Pinkshinyultrablast – Umi
LSD and the Search for God – Backwards
Medicine – Aruca
Drop Nineteens – Winona
Helen – Pass Me By

Crush #95

The Telescopes – Deep Hole Ends
The Suncharms – Sort It Out
Mock – Diving
Boo Radleys – Lazy Day (Version)
Moose – Boy
Love Corporation – Gimme Some Love (Remix)

Boyracer – Twisted Love
Swirlies – Cousteu
You’ll Nevever Get to Heaven – Drowning Out
Grouper – Water People
Ultra Milkmaids – Data
Flaming Tunes – Another Flaming Tune
Flaming Tunes – Restless Mind