Crush #90

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Shogun – Nautilus (Mouly + Lucida Mix)
Urban Jungle – Anything (Mix 2)
LTJ Bukem – Music (Happy Raw)
Source Direct – Secret Liaison

Freescha – Moving
okamotonoriaki – Recorder
B. Fleischmann – Here She Comes (Slowdive cover)
Telefon Tel Aviv – Cliccum (Archive ’99)
Babe, Terror – Fatechase Maravich
Maria Minerva – Luv so Strong

Crush #89

Pictured: Bowery Electric

Bright – Switch
The Ammonites – It Hurts Inside
Bowery Electric – Only Sometimes
Cherry Forever – Higher Than Heaven
Ozean – Scenic
Marine Time Keepers – Stumbling Block

Auburn Lull – Simca
Iron Curtain – The Burning
Ensemble Economique – Your Lips Against Mine
ifwhen – Interference
Sweet Trip – Your World is Eternally Complete
Herrmann & Kleine – Her Tune

Crush #88

Pictured: A.C. Marias

Love Spirals Downwards – City Moon
Small Color – Daisy
Cremation Lily – Lovers Against the Rocks
Ramleh – Bite the Bolster
Breathless – You Can Call It Yours
Underground Lovers – Your Eyes

Frank Hops – Floating Away
My Little Airport – 失落沮喪歌
Spangle call Lilli line – tesla
Maria Minerva – Hop Hop Gone In Spring
A.C. Marias – One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing

Crush #87

Pictured: Takashi Mizutani

Paint in Watercolor – You Are Here
Sunflower Conspiracy – Belle Chasse
Daniel Figgis – Timothy Cream’s Crown of Wines
Six String Manifesto – For Static
Mahogany – The Mystique of the Locomotive

Bailter Space – Fish Eye
Stars of Stage and Screen – Sallow
Experimental Aircraft – Contemplative Silence
Claire Voyant – Love The Giver
Pink Industry – Don’t Let Go
Les Rallizes Dénudés – 白い目覚め

Crush #86

The Arms of Someone New – The Sense of an Ending
Dif Juz – Starting Point
In Embrace – Our Star Drawn Through Panes
Beautiful Pea Green Boat – Chance
Theatre of Sleep – I Wanna Be Lovelee
Royal Family and the Poor – We Love the Moon (single version)
Lush – Lit Up

Fetus Productions – State to Be In
Arzathon & Gina Fear – Melancholy
Caroline K – Animal Lattice
Miguel A. Ruiz – Trivandrum
Xiphiidae – Untitled (B-Side of Pass Hidingly Seek)