Crush #174 – Chinese & German Shoegaze

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Episode featuring shoegaze by both Chinese and German shoegaze/dreampop/noisepop artists!!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving <3

“Glass Moth II” – White Wave
“Jesus & Mary No Chain” – No One Remains Virgin
“穿越河流 Over” – Skip Skip Ben Ben

“How To Prove Where You Are” – Gatsby in a Daze
“Ado” – Lucid Express
“Dragon In You” – Malory

“The Past Years” – Somewhere Underwater
“Metoo” – Angel Baby
“Little Child” – Tut

“Dreams Of Mid-Summer” – Dear Eloise
“Wie finden wir uns” – Die Heiterkeit
“Fire & Ember” – Trautonist

girl crush! ep.2 11/16/21

Today was the second installment of girl rock!’s collaboration with WREK’s shoegaze show, crush. Thanks to Elise (and Abby) for helping us with this episode!


Playlist here, picks below:

23 // Aerofall
Aid and Abet // Slow Crush
No Signs of Pain // Azure Ray

On the Sunset // Sharks Tears
Rainbow // White Poppy
Chimera // Weathering

Bells Ring // Mazzy Star
Blame // Blushing ft. Miki Berenyi
Cranekiss // Tamaryn

Seventeen // Wildhoney
Memória Colorida // Winter
Dr Strangeluv // Blonde Redhead

Honeybee // Pinkshinyultrablast
Face to Face on a High Place // School of Seven Bells
Hare Tarot Lies // No Joy

Crush #173

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This week’s episode was a guest host episode with our studio director, Ray!

“1973” – Seirom
“Fran” – Aberdeen
“Calendar” – Alison’s Halo

“I Want To Be With You” – Sadness
“A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)” – Nothing
“Fate Is…” – Wednesday

“Tired Eyes” – Swirlpool
“Several Nights, Some Goodbye” – ……..
“Ease” – Whirr

“April Showers” – Sheer
“Same Lies as Yesterday” – The Meeting Places
“Kaleidoscope” – Cosmic Child
“Pure” – Moth Pylon

Crush #172 – Girl Crush

The hosts of Girl Rock and Crush

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This week we had a super exciting collaboration featuring Girl Rock’s hit crew y’all know and love! This episode we’re playing shoegaze, dreampop, and noisepop by female and non-binary artists

“We Are Radio Signals” – Death Hags
“You outside my window” – Kinokoteikoku
“Price” – password:password

“Downbeat” – Terra Pines
“Daydream” – Seasurfer
“Kids are astronauts” – Un.real
“Goodnight” – Neon Cathedral
“Hypocrite” – Lush
“Once Upon a Freak” – Ringo Deathstarr

“Foreigner” – Cryogeyser
“Mother Pearl” – Luminousorange
“1968 Itinerary” – Jo’s Moving Day

Crush #171 – hallow’s eve

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halloween episode with some spooky-sounding shoegaze/noise-pop/dream-pop!!

“See Through You” – The Meeting Places
“Fuyu No Hachiouji” – My Dead Girlfriend
“Amelia” – Cocteau Twins

“Ghost” – Lazy Legs
“Demons Sing Love Songs” – Unwound
“Vampire” – Plastic Girl in Closet

“Dawning” – Tamaryn
“Spooky Vibes” – Blind Mr. Jones
“I Don’t Love” – Have A Nice Life

“Barramundi” – This Mortal Coil
“Sneaky Creatures” – Halou
“Land of Nothingness” – Echodrone

“Lollita” – A.R. Kane