Crush #197 – Ultra Dreamy

last week, in order to show how to play CDs, we played an entire set using CDs from my personal collection (+ shoegaze/dream pop CDs my parents played on their college radio shows in the 90s!) !

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this week we’re back with the dreamiest pop set around 😀

**spotify playlist hereeee!**

gazin – ringo deathstarr

sick of shame – film school

fotzepolitic – cocteau twins

crazy for you (alternative version – demo version) – slowdive

levitation – beach house

wedding crasher – dream, ivory

cool (bonus track) – sobs 

headache – grouper

cherry-coloured funk (lullabies to violaine ver.) – cocteau twins

emotional eternal – melody’s echo chamber

white light – you’ll never get to heaven

(please) lose yourself in me – my bloody valentine

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Crush #195

**crush has been going on, we’ve just been slacking on the website posts lately, if you’d like to hear last week’s episode, check it out here!!**

Stream The Flag Is Raised (Bladee & Ecco2k cover) by Asian Glow | Listen  online for free on SoundCloud

listen to the playlist here

The Flag is Raised (Shoegaze Cover, original by Bladee) – Asian Glow

Sigh, Inhibitionist (Come all day with me) – A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Mesmerize – The Daysleepers

My Angel Lonely – Wild Nothing

Sea Salt – Vivienne Eastwood

Slower Now – Star Horse

A Minor Character – Spotlight Kid

Alien Observer – Grouper

This Time – LSD and the Search for God

Light Curse – Small Black

How Long Have You Known – DIIV

Honeybee – Pinkshinyultrablast

Take Care Tonight – Lightfoils

Waiting for the End – Tears Run Rings 

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Crush #192 – wsssshhhh

The Buried Life (album) - Wikipedia

couldn’t think of a caption for this week, bringing shoegaze, dreampop and noise pop 😀

The Pink – Medicine

Every Female Werewolf Ever, Listed Alphabetically By Crime – Soulwhirlingsomewhere

Promise – Knifeplay

Junebouvier – Whirr

Pale Blue Sky – Cranes

5 Listens – Difference Engine

Maps For Sleep – Half String

A joke (with Yogoe) – TRPP

motherly advice – A Shoreline Dream

Quickly Through Kingdoms – Fleeting Joeys

Reflex Motion – Dead Leaf Echo

(Something) – Planning For Burial

Peal – Chapterhouse

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Crush #191 – The REAL return of Crush

Ok we lied. The new real time for Crush is Tuesdays at 5pm!!

Saturday Night City Drive Time Lapse by videostyle | VideoHive

Porpoise – Pale Saints

In My Heaven – No Sun

For Love – Lush

Kookaburra – Cocteau Twins

Moving To California In March – Cold Gawd

Ginger – She Sir

Space In Your Mind – Malory

500 Deep – Airiel

Half Asleep – School of Seven Bells

Like Flowers At Night – Panda Riot

Wimbledon – For Those Who Know

Sink or Swim – Brief Candles

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Crush #190 – Return of Crush!!!

Finally we are back from study abroad and back in the new studio, playing some tracks we discovered over the summer 😀 We’re broadcasting at our new time, Mondays at 7pm!

Wear On – Plastic Girl in Closet

333 – Supercar

Dreams Burn Down – Ride

Bog Bog 1 – Horsegirl

Billy – Horsegirl

Feel So Real – Swervedriver

Veronica – The Manhattan Love Suicides

Natural – Tanukichan

you made me realize – my bloody valentine

Laid With Cool – The Lassie Foundation

The Dead Flag Blues – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

(Spotify playlists to return, Belgium Spotify deleted my original account -_-)

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