Crush #127

Spotify Playlist

"Love You Twice" - Blushing
"Magenta Sunrise" - The Stargazer Lilies
"Harrison Ford" - Stella Diana
"Eleven" - Białogard

"I Knew It Was Wrong But I Did It Anyway" - History of Colour TV
"Seedless Star" - Cloakroom
"Glow" - Slow Crush
"Somersault" - Nothing

"God Help the Ones You Love" - Ringo Deathstarr
"Half Way Fine" - Ovlov
"Girls Love Poets" - Trees
"Chlorine" - Title Fight

"Chinese Sleep Chant" - Coldplay

Crush #126

“Les amis de minuit” – Les Discrets
“Golden Dust” – Heretoir
“Ivory” – Arctic Plateau
“A Clear Path” – Cold Body Radiation

“Deaf Heartbeats” – Venera 4
“It’s My Way Of Staying Connected” – She Sir
“Stay” – Soon, She Said
“I Always Dream of You (The Daysleepers Remix)” – Whimsical

“Is This a Hotel?” – Film School
“Souvenir” – Crash City Saints
“Sunday Diving” – Selenian

“At All” – La Casa Al Mare


“Pristine Christine” – Sea Urchins
“Chelsea Girl” – Ride
“Cupid Come” – My Bloody Valentine
“I Wanna Be Adored” – The Raveonettes

“My Girl” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
“Kinky Love” – Pale Saints
“Lorelei” – Cocteau Twins
“Love Fade” – Tamaryn

“Lovelife” – Lush
“Your Lips, My Mouth” – Airiel
“For Ex-Lovers Only” – Black Tambourine
“Loveblind” – Secret Shine

“Blown a Wish” – My Bloody Valentine
“I Don’t Love” – Have A Nice Life
“Sometimes” – My Bloody Valentine

Crush #124

“Can Little Birds Remember?” – For Tracy Hyde
“Shall We Dance?” – Plastic Girl in Closet
“Blue Swirl” – softsurf
“Giggle and Blush” – Seaside

“A Flower Of The Ground” – Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall
“Last Song” – CQ
“Vanish Into the Air” – Forsaken Autumn
“Landscape of green lakeside” – Plant cell, ​Liélla

“Ferris Wheel Blackout” – Rumskib
“Last Night’s Haze” – Star Horse

“White Seal (Shell & Spine)” – Candy Claws
“Fell in Love (At the Water)” – Candy Claws
“Excuse”  – She Her Her Hers


Crush #123

“Heaven’s End” – Loop
“Glimmer Dot” – Bailter Space
“Hypnogogic” – Kitchens of Distinction
“Red Sea” – Asobi Seksu

“Selina’s Melodie Fountain” – Serena-Maneesh
“Dream About Me” – The Depreciation Guild
“Beautiful Stranger” – Tears Run Rings
“Seagull” – Ride

“Audrey’s Eyes” – Velocity Girl
“Throne of Blood” – Band of Susans
“Let Me Be Your Light” – The Black Ryder

“Bells Ring” – Mazzy Star