Crush #159

Spotify Playlist

"What Kills You" - Bliss Fields
"Zombie" - SPC ECO
"Moe's" - The You Suck Flying Circus
"Peace" - Suzanne Kraft

"Sakura Coming" - Gui.tar
"Fireworks" - Seasurfer
"Del Rey Mar" - The Stargazer Lilies
"Antares" - Stella Luna

"The Soft Attack" - The Daysleepers
"Cinnamon" - Airiel
"Heartbeat" - Thrushes
"Pill" - Peel Dream Magazine

Crush #158

Spotify Playlist

"En el Parque" - La Suma de Todos los Tiempos
"While My Waves Wonder" - yuragi
"jawbreaker" - Astrobrite

"There Is No Such Thing as Black Orchids" - Lilys
"Love's Easy Tears" - Cocteau Twins
"Azami" - Shojo Skip

"Kiss a Girl in Black" - Fleeting Joys
"Intravenous" - Catherine Wheel
"Younger Than You" - Whirr

"Forgotten, Fossilized, Archaic" - Autumn's Grey Solace
"Just Like Fireflies" - For Tracy Hyde
"Spades" - Maria False
"Lettershed" - All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors

Crush #157

Spotify Playlist

"Within the Boundaries" - Daniel Land & The Modern Painters
"Chime" - Alison's Halo
"Different Mirrors" - Lotus Plaza

"Losing Distance (Alternate Version)" - Hellens
"Fragile" - The Fauns
"Never Come Down" - Sciflyer

"Shoegazer" - Pasteboard
"Collage Flowers" - Plastic Girl in Closet
"Fade in a Day" - Highspire

"Twisted and Clover" - The Sunshine Factory
"Sweet Days and Her Last Kiss" - My Dead Girlfriend

Crush #156

Spotify Playlist

"goldenfur" - Lovesliescrushing
"Into the Deep Time (One Sun)" - Candy Claws
"Lean" - Whirr

"In Every Dream and Every Night" - Gaarden
"Where Do I End" - Fleeting Joys
"Dread the Snow" - Infinity Girl

"Maybe You're Crazy" - Wildhoney
"Bloodletting" - Mountaineer
"Mary Winter" - Swervedriver
"Great Mass of Color" - Deafheaven

"Michael" - Beachy Head
"Big Mess" - Flyying Colours
"Analog Sentimentalism" - Parannoul
"Was & Always Will Be" - Zoon

Crush #155

Spotify Playlist

"Hesitancy" - Hellens
"Beach Place" - Talking Violet
"Fall Behind" - Alcian Blue

"Let It Go" - The Black Ryder
"The Dead Are Dumb" - Nothing
"Never Came Close" - Belong

"Inhale" - Conheartist
"Summertime" - Ringo Deathstarr
"When the Sun Hits" - Slowdive
"Deep Lake" - Film School

"French" - They Are Gutting a Body of Water
"Las Nubes Pasar" - La Suma de Todos los Tiempos
"Sleep Cycle" - Retrieval