Crush #207

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back with more dreamy shoegaze 🙂

featuring ringo deathstarr, mbv, and monster movie

tonights playlist can be found here


chainsaw morning- ringo deathstarr

lovesleep- swallow

flying- the telescopes

polyfusion- seefeel

every time i wonder- monster movie

claire hates me- lilys

sometimes- my bloody valentine

snowflake eye- all natural lemon and lime flavors

dont say slow- skywave

and never pull- difference engine

fun size- lazy legs

sunflowers- la casa al mare

lemondrop- astrobrite


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Crush #206 & #207 – My Bloody Valentine’s Day

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tonight we’re here with a romantic and lovely set for our valentine’s day show! we also forgot to make a post last week, which we will include in this post 🙂

this week

molten young lovers – airiel

cupid come – my bloody valentine

romance – plastic girl in closet

rose pedals – vivienne eastwood

love songs on the radio – mojave 3

on our own – the meeting places

masokissed – the pains of being pure at heart

pretty face – soft kill

everlastingly yours – piroshka

language of flowers – pale saints

i love you – the brian jonestown massacre

crazy for you – slowdive

kiss chase – lush

last week – japanese shoegaze deep dive

i really wish we had posted this one last week because we had a really good convo with one of our listeners who tuned in about the differences between european/american shoegaze and japanese!! basically it boils down to, japanese shoegaze has a lot more lyricism and clearer vocals, while also have more harsh guitar textures. I’d definitely reccomend each any every band in our playlist, which u can find here on spotify!

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Crush #204

this week we’re playing an ultra-dreamy set from the likes of cocteau twins, the sundays, and more~

Sacred and Profane Love - Wikipedia

we were unable to post for last week, so check the playlist out here

tonite’s playlist – spotify link here~

those eyes, that mouth – cocteau twins

anti-glory = early demo – horsegirl

on earth – the sundays

sugar – beach fossils

drifter – wild nothing

spin – blue smiley

love songs on the radio – mojave 3

rose blood – mazzy star

fall into place – cathedral bells

heavenly – cigarettes after sex

ambulance – bnny

in heaven – japanese breakfast

lose me on the way – hope sandoval & the warm inventions

the spiral arm – dallas acid

Crush #201

aaaaand we’re back from a op-test hiatus!! congrats to all the new WREK ops :))))

ALBUM REVIEW: In The Interim - No Sun - Distorted Sound Magazine

how it is – lightfoils

colour of your name – beliefs

still left with me – craft spells

cave/wave – the cherry wave

a force at play – cloakroom

carry on – the high violets

sun was high (so was I) – small black

elephant – they are gutting a body of water

in your way – gleemer

golden haze – wild nothing

unless you speak from your heart – wild nothing

in my heaven – no sun

1998- – ……..

motherly advice – a shoreline dream

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Crush #200 – 5 Years of Crush

It’s been a little over 5 years since the debut of Crush, which since 2017 has been dedicated to playing shoegaze, dream pop and noise pop on WREK. I’ve been the host for the past year and a half, and it has been the most incredible experience being a part of a show with a great history and dedication to the genre.

I’d like to shoutout and thank Cris, our former General Manager, who served as the Crush host during her time at WREK, and who also brought me on the show. Before I became a host, we did a short interview about Crush, which you can read here. I’d also like to shoutout Dylan and N, who were the founders of Crush. I did some digging and found the old Crush facebook, which has been a source of inspiration for me when taking over this show. And I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever tuned into Crush! I’ve really been having the most fun with the show, and getting callers and feedback has been the best part.


And now for the playlist for tonight (spotify link)~ 

know who you are at every age – cocteau twins

soon – my bloody valentine

light from a dead star – lush

machine gun – slowdive

twisterella – ride

anthem for no state, pt. i – godspeed you! black emperor

fell in love (at the water) – candy claws

this time – lsd and the search for god

rabbit house – plastic girl in closet

kinoshita fuyou – my dead girlfriend

babysbreath – loveliescrushing

it does nothing for me – lilys

we will be returning to ‘deeper’ cuts when crush returns after a short dummy-op air test hiatus


Thank you all for tuning into CRUSH!!!