Crush #53

Fruitless – Lower Heaven
Bizarre – Slow
Sway – Ever And Ever
Candy’s Afterlife – Grape’s Disguise
Lucy’s Drive – See The Way
Pinkshinyultrablast – In The Hanging Gardens

Cobra Man – Lazyman
KG – Candy Loves Me So 7″
– Candy Loves Me So
– Love Me Forever
– Jukebox Rider
– You My Sweet Wounded Bird
– Magic Johnson
Juna – Drop The Satellites
Miniatures – Honey
Flying Saucer Attack – My Dreaming Hill

Crush #52

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Submarine – Jodie Foster
The Becketts – Electra
The Becketts – Persephone
Vet Trip – Finland
Cosmic Child – Into You
OMBRE – Vistate
Green Hill – He

Mice Parade – Trudging Through the Freshly Cut Grass
In Heaven – Aquanova
Slaughter Joe – Fall Apart
Headtime – Have You Heard
The Lavender Faction – Harbour Me
Autumnfair – Collide

Crush #51

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A cool Youtube channel: Underrated

Midwife – Song for an Unborn Son
Kraus – Bum
KG – Sex Toy Box
Major Organ and the Adding Machine – His Mister’s Pet Whistles
Major Organ and the Adding Machine – Water Dripping on Bread Makes Bread Taste Not So Tasty
Snapper – Hang On
Candle – Beginning Blue

Loco-Holidays – Strawberry
河豚子 – 陳振昌,你是隻猴子
The Voices – The Sound of Young America
Honeyslide – I Do
M!R!M – Liebe Machen
Moving Holiday – Wishful

Crush #50 – Physical Set 3

Kid Champion – Conscious EP
– Jacklyn and Chantel
– Gigil
– Adam’s Newts

Soul Whirling Somewhere – Every Female Werewolf Ever, Listed Alphabetically By Crime
Southpacific – Built to Last
Seely – How to Live Like a King’s Kid
Morella’s Forest – Oceanside
Asobi Seksu – Pink Cloud Tracing Paper
My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes
Kitchens of Distinction – Drive That Fast
Jessica Bailiff – Crush
Medicine – The Pink

Crush #49

Between the Cities are Stars – Instrumental
Infinity Girl – Redder
Film School – Lectric
Spirea X – Chlorine Dream
Voyager One – Threee Pair
Foxtail Somersault – Motionland
Au Revoir Borealis – Untitled #2

神聖かまってちゃん – 天使じゃ地上じゃちっそく死
Blushing – Weak
lowsunday – So Far Away
For Those Who Know – Night At The Danceclub
Ringo Deathstarr – Swirly
Monoland – Motel Fumatore
The Naked Souls – Sleep