Archive 2019

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Wednesday April 10th, 2019 noon-1pm Black Hole Snapshots
Our very own Ed Greco guides us through the first image of a black hole from the Event Horizon Teleschope.
Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 noon-1pm Ripping Off Mother Nature – Part II
Marc Weissburg, Co-Director for the Georgia Tech Center for Biologically-Inspired Design, joins us after several years to discuss recent designs inspired by nature.
Wednesday Mar. 27th, 2019 noon-1pm What I Did on My Spring Break
We are back from Spring Break and will discuss that and any questions our listeners have.
Wednesday Mar. 20th, 2019 noon-1pm Classic Rewind
It is Georgia Tech’s Spring Break this week, so please enjoy this previous episode of Inside the Black Box.
Wednesday Mar. 13th, 2019 noon-1pm Thermodynamic Weirdness
Physicist Don Lemons, author of the new book Thermodynamic Weirdness, joins us to discuss this important, but often misunderstood topic.
Wednesday Mar. 6th, 2019 noon-1pm Atlanta Science Festival
We discussed our favorite events for the upcoming Atlanta Science Festival
Wednesday Feb. 27th, 2019 noon-1pm Classic Rewind
Pete is out of town hanging out with microelectronics nerds this week, but please enjoy this previous episode of Inside the Black Box.
Wednesday Feb. 20th, 2019 noon-1pm Listener Call In Show
We’re taking calls from our listeners on recent topics in science and technology
Wednesday Feb. 13th, 2019 noon-1pm The Secret Lives of Neutron Stars
David Ballantyne, of the Georgia Tech school of physics joins us to discuss the dynamics of neutron stars. As the associate chair of the physics graduate program, David will also share some thoughts on graduate education.
Wednesday Feb. 6th, 2019 noon-1pm Scientist Storytelling
Alex Ip, Georgia Tech student in environmental engineering, joins us to discuss The Xylom, his media site that shares scientists’ personal stories with the public.
Wednesday Jan. 30th, 2019 noon-1pm Policy Decisions in Our Data-Driven World
Richard Barke , from the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy, joins us to discuss our struggle to prioritize and interpret the ever-increasing amounts of data in order to make informed policy decisions. .
Wednesday Jan. 23rd, 2019
Shining a Light on Super Massive Black Holes
Tamara Bogdonivic, of the Georgia Tech School of Physics, joins us to talk Super Massive Black Holes and her theories to explain their behavior.