The Amen Collection

The Amen Collection 3-14-22


3/14/22 – With Commentary!


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction, Hrvatski – Swarm & Dither

Sewerslvt – Drowning in the Sewer, AFX – Hangable Auto Bulb EP


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Wax Poetics Article)

Hrvatski – Nuclear Cat Gets New Home (Hrvatski’s Website)

Sewerslvt – Jvnko Loves You

AFX – Laughable Butane Bob (Ishkur’s Guide)

AFX – Every Day

Youtube Playlist:

Hope you guys enjoyed this experiment with more commentary! No set next week, but tune in to my 2 hour Sunday Special at 7PM on the 27th where I’ll be playing some of my best finds from 2021! It’s gonna be massive!!

The Amen Collection 3-7-22


3/7/22 – Downtempo Special


Monodrone – Forbidden Fruit


Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez – Hand Up (Gangsta Ryddim Mix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
Nmesh – Mall Full Of Drugs (Zero Tep’s ‘Come Get Your Friend’ Remix)
Peshay – The Real Thing (90 BPM Version)
Neat Beats – Science Is My Girlfriend
Monodrone – Grime On The Wall

VVEEAA – Psycho
BACKWHEN – Isolation
The Orb – Katskills
Bonobo – Recurring
Seefeel – Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)

Youtube Playlist:

The Amen Collection 2-21-22

Feat. Roland’s DJ505 (it has a sequencer!!)


crustangel – Red Candle
Ross From Friends – The Daisy
Ramsey & Fen – Love Bug (Original Bump Mix)
Enter Shikari – Stand Your Ground; This is Ancient Land
House of Pain – Jump Around

Mochipet – Botan Ricecore (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Sewerslvt – Lexapro Delirium
Bag of Dragonite – Racer X
Sisqo – Thong Song (Artful Dodger Remix)
Origin Unknown – The Touch
Orbital – Meltdown
Aphex Twin – Yellow Calx

Youtube Playlist:


The Amen Collection 2-14-22

Valentine’s Day Special


Cardmoth – Femme Fatale
Machine Girl – Luhmebebe
Guitar Vader – I Love Love You (Love Love Super Dimension Mix)
M-Beat – Sweet Love
Bibio – haikuesque (when she laughs)
Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car
George Clanton – Make It Forever
Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

Against All Logic – This Old House Is All I Have
Four Tet – Love Cry
Artful Dodger – It Ain’t Enough
Calibre – It’s…                                                           
Burial – Archangel                                                                              Burial – Untrue
Aphex Twin – Milkman

Youtube Playlist:

The Amen Collection 2-7-22


AFX 35 Japan


Shitmat – Whitelabel Unity
Krust – Negative Returns (Four Tet Remix)
Forest Drive West – Void Control
Slayer, Atari Teenage Riot – No Remorse (I Wanna Die)
Netsky – I See The Future In Your Eyes           

Overmono – BMW Track
Squarepusher – Venus No.17 Acid Mix
Skee Mask – CZ3000 Dub
Stetsasonic – (Now Y’all Giving Up) Love (Video Mix)
Klute – Come Back 2 Me
Goreshit – Post-Modern Weeaboo
AFX – 35 Japan

Youtube Playlist:

Valentine’s Day special next week??!!??!?!11?21212