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An “add list” is a list of the records that we have recently added to our regular airplay. Record labels like to see these lists to verify that we are playing the records that they send us. In addition to this add list generator, you can also search our entire music library.

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Most recent additions to the WREK playlist

Album TitleGroupLabelDate AddedRotation
Recontrer LoolooChocolatBeyond Beyond is Beyond Records21-NOV-17L
Meditation / ResurrectionWilliam Parker QuartetsAUM Fidelity21-NOV-17L
Forest of Lost ChildrenKikagaku Moyo Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records21-NOV-17L
MatterhornHeatersBeyond Beyond is Beyond Records21-NOV-17L
Live in New York, 2010David S. Ware TrioAUM Fidelity17-NOV-17L
Music Has the Right To ChildrenBoards of CanadaWarp Records (UK)17-NOV-17L
Electro SomaB12Warp Records17-NOV-17L
Blonder Tongue Adio BatonSwirliesTaang! Records17-NOV-17L
IncunabulaAutechreWarp Records (UK)17-NOV-17L
Artificial IntelligenceV/A (Warp Records)Warp Records17-NOV-17L
PlungeFever RayNo Label16-NOV-17L
mirror stagesfloral print12XU14-NOV-17L
L.A. WitchL.A. WitchSuicide Squeeze Records14-NOV-17L
NoFi Rainbow Vol. 2Various ArtistsEnd of the Alphabet Records14-NOV-17L
Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995-2015Various ArtistsEnd of the Alphabet Records14-NOV-17L
NoFi Rainbow Vol. 1Various ArtistsEnd of the Alphabet Records14-NOV-17L
Human GivingDartoAAGOO03-NOV-17L
Hope You're WellProject PabloTechnicolor03-NOV-17L
The Death of CoolKitchens of DistinctionA&M Records03-NOV-17L
Let's Share SomethingJack WhitescarverDots Per Inch Music02-NOV-17L
True Talent ChampionPopeCommunity Records02-NOV-17L
bodiezNc0demore eazeSelf Sabotage02-NOV-17L
Memories of StarsAstrobalKaraoke Kalk01-NOV-17L
unreleased untitled demosPamela_ and her sonsPamela_ and her sons01-NOV-17L
Structures and BehaviorThe Mayhem Lecture SeriesArctic Dub Records01-NOV-17L
Hurt PlazaPamela_ and her SonsCGI Records01-NOV-17L
Luciferian TowersGodspeed You! Black EmperorConstellation01-NOV-17L
HaloJuana MolineCrammed Discs31-OCT-17L
laisse ca etreAquasergeCrammed Discs31-OCT-17L
Archivo PittorescoLula PenaCrammed Discs30-OCT-17L