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An “add list” is a list of the records that we have recently added to our regular airplay. Record labels like to see these lists to verify that we are playing the records that they send us. In addition to this add list generator, you can also search our entire music library.

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Most recent additions to the WREK playlist

Album TitleGroupLabelDate AddedRotation
10Y34RSVaetxh{your name here} Records03-FEB-23M
Drum 'n' Bass For Papa + Plug EP's 1, 2 & 3PlugBlue Planet Recordings17-JAN-23M
rEMIT rECAPSSpacetime ContinuumAstralwerks17-JAN-23M
Abra?a?oCaetano VelosoNonesuch Records17-JAN-23L
Orbital [Brown Album]Orbital{your name here} Records17-JAN-23L
DiversionsOrbitalFull Frequency Range Recordings (FFRR)13-JAN-23L
AsylumOrbIsland Records10-JAN-23L
(Bytes)Black Dog ProductionsWax Trax10-JAN-23L
A Year Of Open Tab [Extended]Fire Talk ArtistsFire Talk09-JAN-23M
In Sides ('96 US Bonus Disc)OrbitalInternal Records08-JAN-23L
Basscad, EPAutechreWax Trax04-JAN-23L
GingerSpeedy JWarp Records06-DEC-22L
dubnobasswithmyheadmanunderworldWax Trax06-DEC-22L
Mayabanco de gaiaMammoth Records06-DEC-22L
ep7AutechreWarp Records06-DEC-22L
Peel SessionAutechreWarp Records06-DEC-22L
Selection SixteenSquarepusherWarp Records06-DEC-22L
you're itGupi{your name here} Records06-DEC-22L
S//////AM3KaTT{your name here} Records06-DEC-22L
WFLYTDsix impala{your name here} Records06-DEC-22L
RUBBERsix impala{your name here} Records06-DEC-22L
The AltogetherOrbital{your name here} Records06-DEC-22L
atmospheresRudy AdrianSpotted Peccary Music06-DEC-22L
Mercurial WorldMagdalena Bay{your name here} Records02-DEC-22L
MK 3.5: Die Cuts/City PlanningMount KimbieWarp Records08-NOV-22L
Big LoadaSquarepusherWarp Records08-NOV-22L
for sundays when it rainsRobert Rich & Luca FormentiniSoundscape10-OCT-22L
Into Your BluesJohnny SansoneShort Stack Records21-SEP-22L
niun niggungmouse on mars Thrill Jockey19-SEP-22L
Test with RennyTest Artist{your name here} Records16-SEP-22L