mode8 #33: chip-retu(r)n

No episode last week, but this week I felt like returning to mode8’s roots and playing some chiptune tracks again! Picture of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross unrelated.

Youtube Playlist!

Last Goodbye (Extended Version) — SiIvagunner (Undertale remix of Air On Line)
Linda’s Castle // Snowboard Kids
Come Along — Posy
RUSH JOB — Siren (Alexander Brandon)
midnight ride on my vespa — tohomoko
Judgement — Kubbi
Objection! — MERCURIUS FM (Ace Attorney club mix)
Into the Neverwood — tohomoko
Orange Juice Overload — ProtoDome
Y So Secretive — Zackery Wilson
(T-T)b — Anamanaguchi
Slimers — (T-T)b
Splash Nebula — Slime Girls
Four — Disasterpeace
Paper Dolls — 4mat