Crush #217 – Grocery Store Sunset

Annie Zhang on Twitter: "just another tweet abt how incredible the sunsets  from your hometown grocery store parking lot are 🥺" / Twitter

This week we began at our new time (6pm on mondays!) with a moody/melancholy playlist with the vibe of grocery store sunsets… capturing that melancholy feeling of leaving the grocery store during beautiful sunset.


Spotify link here


Playlist for tonite

kisses – Slowdive

Happen – Drop Nineteens

Don’t Fade Away – Beach Fossils

Inference (I) – Fog Lake

Lush – Chlorine

Gold Ribbon – Infinity Cutter

No Heaven – Big Blue World

How to Make a Person Happy – it was warmer then

Both Hands On the Wheel – Amateur Takes Control

Summer’s Gone – The Stargazer Lilies

My Angel Lonely – Wild Nothing

Alone in the Universe – The Daysleepers

Rainbow spell – TRPP

Last Night’s Haze – Star Horse

focus the present – A Shoreline Dream 

I'm not the only one to notice this right? : r/memes