girl rock! 7/18/23

Girl Rock!’s hit duo Lyd and Zeb is joined by Toni for tonight’s classic grock episode. Find the playlist here, and the picks below:

Honeyglaze – Burglar Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Float // Katy J Pearson
In Plain Sight // Matilda Mann
Lunatic (Won’t You) // Hail Gail
Little Black Death // MEG MEYERS

Burglar // Honeyglaze
The Universe // Death Valley Girls
Paces // feeble little horse
I Wanna Lose // LA WITCH

Lot Lizard 93 // Surfbort
Anything At All // Bachelor
Mystery Curtain // Spread Joy
I want ya (in my cell) // Prison Affair

Hunger for a Way Out // Sweeping Promises
Electrocution // Automatic
Old Skin // Fake Fruit
Snakey // Wombo

Running // Snooper
Antagonist // Nova Twins