Girl Rock! – Bubblegrunge 6/20/23

what is bubblegrunge you ask? its the love child of bubblegum pop and grunge! It’s known for its distorted guitars, heavy drums, and catchy pop melodies, with lyrics often focusing on themes of teen angst and rebellion. Here’s today’s playlist:

MMMOOOAAAAYAYA // illuminati hotties
All I Do is Lie // Midnight
Next Stop // Bleached
Head Cheerleader // Pom Pom Squad
Horseshoe Crabs // Hop Along
IDC // Chastity Belt
Had Ten Dollaz // Cherry Glazer
Sleeping Through the Weekend // THICK
All Skaters Go to Heaven // IAN SWEET
2 Cool 2 Care // Anna Burch
Saturday // Remember Sports
It’s Alive! // Ratboys
Candy Apple Red // Annabelle Chairlegs
Ruby // Charly Bliss
I Hate the Weekend // Tacocat
Silver Velvet // The Courtneys
Survival // Adultmom
A Screw Fell from His Head // Spud Cannon