velvet finale 5/3/23

thank you soooo much for all of your support throughout my time at velvet! today is the 3-hour finale of my time hosting velvet on wrek atl. it has been such a privilege and a joy hosting this show & sharing the music that is dear to my heart with all of you! i love wrek so much. stay tuned next semester for velvet, which will now be hosted by rebecca fishman! she’s gonna be amazing!

all my love ♥ sam


today on velvet:

system  //  brotherly

one is none  //  yoofee

hollatchu  //  jitwam, jaydonclover, yungmorpheus

dorothy dandridge eyes  //  janelle monae, esperanza spalding

butterfly  //  jamiroquai

sicily’ box  //  venna, yussef dayes, marco bernardis, rocco palladino

honeylake  //  conic rose

neuralgia  // move 78, douniah

crosstalk / orbea bloom  //  bobbing, kiefer

find strength  //  jk group

aged eyes  //  alfa mist, kaya thomas-dyke

crazy that you love  //  aurora dee raynes

hey papi – edit  //  jitwam

camden free public library  //  bulgarian cartrader

potential  //  amber-simone

where do we all go  //  tank and the bangas, lalah hathaway, jacob collier

i know  //  yoofee

without you, within me  //  30/70

come again  //  slowya.roll, rob araujo

cajun fries  //  paul mond

fat stack – remix  //  lean low, jaydonclover

they don’t care  //  izy, osunlade

the light  //  saul, allysha joy

60 rutledge  //  o’flynn

night sky  //  cody currie, eliza rose

om drip  //  noa erni, gregoire pignede

je ne suis pas de ce monde  //  kolinga

*smokes weed once*  //  spencer.

why don’t you  //  cleo sol

hit and run  //  aldo boneswurst, william e. pondus, bormsen

ode ao gato  //  pedro ricardo

glass shadows  //  liv.e

danish design, pt.1  //  athlestic progression

7 days, 9 years  //  otis mcdonald

eple  //  royksopp

one under  //  wilma vritra, wilma archer, vritra

melatonin  //  a tribe called quest

new dawn  //  dave okumu

way we are  //  ben marc

rewind  //  lanu, allysha joy

reminincense  //  waxamilion, bormsen


today’s set list on spotify!
all songs I have ever played on velvet 🙂