velvet 4/12/23

thanks so much for tuning into velvet today! last week was a bit of an experimental twist on my normal neo-soul programming, so today i’m getting back to the essentials of r&b and neo-soul. this includes some staples and legends in the scene from around the world (namely london, melbourne, denmark, la, nyc, …) including potatohead people, kaidi tatham, dj harrison, madison mcferrin (bobby’s daughter!), athletic progression, and mndsgn. the feel today is smooth and thought-provoking, the qualities which, in my opinion, make the genre so appealing. hope you enjoy!

~ sam ♥

Featured Artist: Athletic Progression

Athletic Progression is an experimental jazz/hip-hop group from Denmark. This trio consists of Jonas Cook (keys), Justo Gambula (bass) and Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen (drums), all of which bring unique, tasteful elements that may blow your mind!

closing statement  //  sola rosa, wallace

soul caliber  //  aron, devin morrison, quintin gulledge

try n follow  //  kaidi tatham

blue charms  //  potatohead people

cosmic perspective  //  mndsgn

waiting for  //  matt martians

young buck  //  carrtoons, dj harrison

ndion farr  //  athletic progression

herausweh  //  felbm

no room  //  madison mcferrin

11:30  //  duckwrth

to be as one (feat. theo croker)  //  str4ta, theo croker

high 555  //  lydian collective

birdo ii  //  varra

butterflies  //  duke hugh

night birds  //  darius, wayne snow 

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