velvet 03/08/23

today on velvet, you will hear a variety of styles within neo-soul, r&b, soul, jazz, funk, hip hop and more! the artist i’d like to highlight this week is the brilliant jade drea, atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist. her song “something or another” features drummer dylan welch, bassist johnny bakos, and guitarist dan suero. each of them are atlanta-based musicians who grace the atlanta scene with their presence at jams, shows, and their multiple brain-children in the form of EPs and albums. hope you enjoy this weeks show!


featured artist: jade drea

light  //  parcels

eucalyptus  //  mf doom

this was once out of shape  //  trap raddit, maxfield gast

circadian  //  pantology

something or another  //  jade drea

speak in truth  //  close counters, allysha joy

silencing the sun  //  myele manzanza, wallace

epitome(jostlike)  //  knxwledge

better  //  joy orbinson, lea sen

ldn  //  alexander floor

since i lost you  //  alex goose, matt zara, giuliano sorgini

glass shadows  //  liv.e

vegan better – intro  //  reuben james, tivon pennicott

frontline  //  butcher brown

(please don’t) leave me now  //  madison mcferrin

life happens here  //  lord, dego


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