velvet 02/22/23

this week on velvet, i am bringing you a wide range of eclectic sounds from all over the world. starting with some nu-soul from one of my favorite la-based trios, moonchild, then making our way to some brazilian jazz from american jazz artist kurt rosenwinkle, to the ghanian/british, soulful vocals of omar alongside london-based jazz artist myele manzanza (featured). along the way, i’m making some stops at the usual places in new zealand, australia, la, london, atlanta, and baltimore. to round off today’s show, you’ll hear the work of moroccan, berlin-based j.lamotta mixes modern hip-hop with elements of jazz and soul.

hope you enjoy – sam♥

Featured Artist: Myele Manzanza (NZ-born, Congolese, London-based drummer, composer, and legend!)

the truth – dj jazzy jeff & james poyser remix  //  moonchild, dj jazzy jeff, james poyser

casio vanguard  //  kurt rosenwinkle, pedro martins, antonio loureiro, alex kozmidi

kluges ii  //  mild high club

lucky  //  lewis taylor

between the bread  //  nico harris, daniel hayn, elmo, olly chalk, anu, andre moreira

carnival de l’esprit  //  gary bartz

off my feet / westside rider anthem  //  matt martians

therapy //  myele manzanza, omar

buena  //  tstewart, machinedrum

chasing the sun  //  sola rosa, wallace, kevin mark trail

try n follow  //  kaidi tatham

venus, the birth of  //  wallace

back in town  //  j.lamotta

life happens here  //  lord, dego


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