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Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, February 24, 2023 (“Classroom Libraries Under Siege”) Episode 550

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“I Was Born this Way” by Valentino

Interview with Pat Barber, President of Manatee Education Association

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“Kid Manatee” by Pearl and the Oysters
“Florida” by the Flat Five

Continued interview with Pat Barber

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“Leader of the Pack” by the Shangri-las
“Real Animal” by the House of Love

Continued interview with Pat Barber

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“The Time it Takes to Make a Move” by Banned Books
“Teacher” by Jethro Tull

“Put the Book Back on the Shelf” by Belle and Sebastian

messy life 2/23/23 BASKETBALL SPECIAL

Free Throw – Good Job, Champ
Dikembe – Michael Jordank

Tawny Peaks – March Sadness
Football, Etc. – Foul

Beyoncé – That’s Why You’re Beautiful

continental drift 2/22/23: the congo!

Welcome back to continental drift! This week I am joined by Sakina, my friend and the very first guest star of Continental Drift, who will be joining us for today’s episode on the Congo. Listen to the playlist here, and listen back to the episode here. 

The Congo is a region in Central Sub-saharan Africa divided into two countries: The Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo. The name “Congo” comes from Bantu tribe “Bakongo” which inhabits both regions. Under colonization, the Congo was divided into Congo-Brazzaville, colonized by the French, and Congo-Kinshasa, colonized by the Belgians. Upon independence in 1960, the countries split and became Republic of the Congo and DROTC, renamed Zaire in 1971, eventually renamed Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1997. 

The DROTC is the 2nd largest country by area in Africa, and comes in at #11 in the world. By contrast, ROC, its neighbor to the west, is just 12% of its total area. DROTC is the 14th most populated country in the world, with 108 million, and ROC has 5.5 million (118th). The national language of both countries is French, with a number of regional languages also recognized and widely spoken (such as lingala). 

During WWII, Congo was predominated by rumba. Camille Feruzi is often credited with popularizing the genre in the 1930s. Cuban music was starting to fuse with African music in Cuba, which was then played over Belgian radio in the Congo. 

Rumba segment:
Cheka Sana High // Verckys & L’Orchestre Veve (psychedelic rumba)
Kahagwe // Les Pionniers De La Musique Congolaise De Leopoldville A Kinshasa, Camille Feruzi
Tangana // Orchestre Cobantou
Biwela-Biwela // Grand Kalle, L’African Team

23 Free Soukous music playlists | 8tracks radioSoukous is a Congolese music genre that took inspiration from 1950s cuban rumba rhythms. Combined with jazz and Kwassa Kwassa dance rhythms, with the addition of electric guitar, soukous was born. It is sung in various Congolese languages, including French, but also Spanish. Soukous started in Kinshasa but then spread throughout Africa and eventually to France.

Soukous segment:
Rokiatou // Loketo, Sahlomon
Duniya // Yondo Sister, Soukous Stars
Douceur // Mbilia Bel
Awilo Longomba – Karolina (2006) (4:26)

Awilo Longomba was a drummer in Loketo before starting a solo career. His father was in Tout Puissant OK Jazz, a Congolese rumba group. 

Yondo Sister on Apple MusicYondo sister is sometimes referred to as the “queen of soukous,” and is known for dancing Kwassa Kwassa. Kwassa Kwassa is a dance closely associated with soukous that involves moving the hips back and forth while moving the hands with the hips. It was created by a mechanic named Jeanora in Kinshasa, who says the dance imitates the use of a gearshift. The name comes from kikongo, meaning “I’m working.” Check it out in this video

Modern segment:
Innoss’B Ft Diamond Platnumz – Yope Remix (Official Music Video)
This is one of the most viewed songs in African history (204 M views as of today). Innos’B singing in Lingala and Diamond Platnumz in Swahili. Innos’B recently performed a private concert for JLo.
Trouvez-la moi.. // DADJU (find her for me)

100 wreks #43

Here's tonight's tracklist!
catherine never broke again - saoirse dream
stardust (prod. moqu) - can of bliss

Ticking - boxkitty, leastfavorite!, aephyn, jhl, iris day
Toy Car - six impala

GROUNDBREAKER - umru + warpstr
crush - kmoe
treehome - tracey brakes

perfect - mental
replicant (feat. i9bonsai)(prod. lilac) - vai5000
blink - goji!

Hollywood Baby - 100 gecs
numbers station - wishlane
Like a Kiss demo v4 - Jane Remover

way 2 good (idc) - dazegxd
pixie ring (feat. diana starshine, n. hell, junior astronaut) - galen tipton

Digital Shrine - Mary Arcane

velvet 02/22/23

this week on velvet, i am bringing you a wide range of eclectic sounds from all over the world. starting with some nu-soul from one of my favorite la-based trios, moonchild, then making our way to some brazilian jazz from american jazz artist kurt rosenwinkle, to the ghanian/british, soulful vocals of omar alongside london-based jazz artist myele manzanza (featured). along the way, i’m making some stops at the usual places in new zealand, australia, la, london, atlanta, and baltimore. to round off today’s show, you’ll hear the work of moroccan, berlin-based j.lamotta mixes modern hip-hop with elements of jazz and soul.

hope you enjoy – sam♥

Featured Artist: Myele Manzanza (NZ-born, Congolese, London-based drummer, composer, and legend!)

the truth – dj jazzy jeff & james poyser remix  //  moonchild, dj jazzy jeff, james poyser

casio vanguard  //  kurt rosenwinkle, pedro martins, antonio loureiro, alex kozmidi

kluges ii  //  mild high club

lucky  //  lewis taylor

between the bread  //  nico harris, daniel hayn, elmo, olly chalk, anu, andre moreira

carnival de l’esprit  //  gary bartz

off my feet / westside rider anthem  //  matt martians

therapy //  myele manzanza, omar

buena  //  tstewart, machinedrum

chasing the sun  //  sola rosa, wallace, kevin mark trail

try n follow  //  kaidi tatham

venus, the birth of  //  wallace

back in town  //  j.lamotta

life happens here  //  lord, dego


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