mode8 #24: The Eighth Mode

Sorry about the hiatus due to sports broadcasts, but mode8 is back with a new episode! No focus this time but I wanted to play more original chiptune compositions this week 🙂

Youtube Playlist!

Title — Mario 64 on Club Circuit 
Downtown Bikini Bottom // Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Avenger
Tableturf Battle (Last 3 Turns) // Splatoon 3
Tough Guy Alert! // Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
Machine Passage // Kirby Air Ride
The Clone Wars // X-Men 2: Clone Wars
talossa II — laamaa
Puppets and Bicycle Repair — Fearofdark
Saber Rager — Button Masher
Butter Knife pt. 1 — Shady Monk, remixed by DonutShoes
Unreal Superhero 3 — Kenet, Rez
The_Sugar_Rush — Cyanide Dansen
Robot Dance Party — Glenntai, remixed by DINAARI
Pleiades — mikey303
Slateport City // Pokemon Emerald — orchestral arrangement by Tristan D. Perez