Crush #206 & #207 – My Bloody Valentine’s Day

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tonight we’re here with a romantic and lovely set for our valentine’s day show! we also forgot to make a post last week, which we will include in this post 🙂

this week

molten young lovers – airiel

cupid come – my bloody valentine

romance – plastic girl in closet

rose pedals – vivienne eastwood

love songs on the radio – mojave 3

on our own – the meeting places

masokissed – the pains of being pure at heart

pretty face – soft kill

everlastingly yours – piroshka

language of flowers – pale saints

i love you – the brian jonestown massacre

crazy for you – slowdive

kiss chase – lush

last week – japanese shoegaze deep dive

i really wish we had posted this one last week because we had a really good convo with one of our listeners who tuned in about the differences between european/american shoegaze and japanese!! basically it boils down to, japanese shoegaze has a lot more lyricism and clearer vocals, while also have more harsh guitar textures. I’d definitely reccomend each any every band in our playlist, which u can find here on spotify!

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