CONCERT REVIEW: The Fall of Troy

Venue: Hell at The Masquerade
Date: February 15th, 2023

The Fall of Troy is a post-hardcore trio formed in 2002 in Mukilteo, Washington, United States. The lineup consists of Thomas Erak (guitar, vocals), Tim Ward (bass, vocals), and Andrew Forsman (drums). Tim Ward left the band in 2007 and was replaced by Frank Ene (LastFM).

Review written by OP Alex Finch (RAF)

Overall, this was a great show! I’ve been a fan of The Fall of Troy (FoT) for a few years now and was curious to see if they still have the skill they showed 20 years ago when they made their debut. After seeing them perform I can confidently say they do.

This concert was held at Hell at the Masquerade. This venue always has great vibes and the masq is excellent for shows like this. Hell has a capacity of around 650 with room to stand on the ground floor as well as some balcony room. This was a very fitting venue for FoT to play at and you could tell the audience was made up of dedicated fans. There was a good mix of chill and moshing while watching the show.

The show started with 3 openers: Zeta, Portrayal of Guilt, and Satyr. I arrived halfway through Portrayal of Guilt and they killed it, as did Satyr. It was especially cool to see Satyr since they’re from Athens, GA. FoT went on after Satyr and closed out the night. I have been a fan of FoT for a few years now. I discovered them when an eSports player I followed on Twitter had one of their albums, Doppelgänger, as their profile picture. I listened to that album and became a fan instantly. Seeing them live was an amazing experience, however it might’ve been too loud in the venue and they could’ve mixed the vocals in a bit better. At the show, FoT played their self-titled album in its entirety, which I thought was cool. They also played some of their other hits afterwards, and my favorite song of the night was “What Sound Does a Mastodon Make?”. This was my first concert of the year, so I was especially excited to go. I also brought along my friend who is more into EDM music and he enjoyed the show as well!

Venue Rating: 9
Artist Performance Rating: 8