Colony House and little image preforming a song together.

Venue: The Eastern
Date: February 25th, 2023

Colony House is an indie rock band made up of brothers Will and Caleb Chapman, as well as Scott Mills and Parke Cottrell. The music of Colony House is playfully self-described as “landlocked surf rock.” Their personal genre designation is inspired by their hometown of Franklin, Tennessem, as is their new album The Cannonballers. Caleb Chapman stated that “In short, Tennessee was the inspiration for this project,” about their new album which also inspired this tour. 

Review written by OP Brooke (PB)

This show was energetic, moving and as drummer Will Chapman said “something special”. I walked into The Eastern fully knowing maybe 3 Colony House songs, just there to have a good time, and they ensured I had a great time! 

This show was at The Eastern, a venue in south east Atlanta. This venue is absolutely gorgeous and is ideal for both the fans and the artists. The terraced seating and ground floor options allow people to choose the concert viewing experience that they want, as well as allow the artists to see everyone in the venue at once. It really creates an intimate vibe in a venue that can hold around 2,300 people. Colony House seemed to really enjoy the venue as well, and it fit their stage set well. The crowd was pretty mild during the opener, but really lit up once the artists started interacting more with the audience. 

little image performing.

The opener was Little Image, an indie rock band based in Dallas, Texas. little image immediately took me by surprise with their grunge attire and theatric entrance. Compared to Colony House’s almost Christian Rock atmosphere, this was a welcome surprise and they really killed their set. My favorite songs of theirs were “Lungs Burn”, “Ego”, and some unreleased tracks that I’m sure will be on their upcoming self titled album. The combination of black suits with diy painting on them and sweat slinging guitar solos made it apparent that these guys have a promising future ahead of them. 

Lead Singer Caleb Chapman finishing a song.

Colony House came on and started with “Landlocked Surf Rock” off of their new album The Cannonballers. I haven’t listened to their new album much, but this was the majority of what they played with old songs intertwined throughout. I became a fan of the band after their 2017 album “Only The Lonely” and kind of impulsively decided to go to the show on the 25th with some friends. Seeing them live did not disappoint my 15 year old self, they sounded amazing and put on a great show. I was mostly taken with their skill level, especially the drummer who was raised up on a platform and stole the show. My favorite song of the show was “2:20”. This song has an iconic guitar opening riff. I’m not sure if they normally do this on tour, but Caleb invited two guys from the crowd (who asked via sign) to come on stage and play lead guitar and drums for the song. To say it simply, it rocked. Caleb said after the song that even though it was early on he thinks this is the “best show of the tour”. I was also really impressed by the duality of content they performed. Songs like “2:20” were heavily rock oriented and were followed up with softer, almost preachy and uplifting tracks. The crowd loved both equally and I could tell that everyone leaving that concert had a great time. 

Venue Rating: 10/10

Artist Performance Rating: 8.5/10