100 wreks #38

Thanks for joining us tonight on 100 wreks! Here’s tonight’s tracklist:

Donuts – Namasenda
You’re So Pretty – Petal Supply
Heart In 2 (Cecile Believe Remix) – caro
Digital Affection – Holliday Howe + Himera

God (Evian Christ Remix) – Bladee
Good Ones (DJ Hristos Remix) – Charli XCX
The Way I Feel (Life Sim Remix) – DOSS

Dysmorphia (feat. Fauness) – Escha + Ytem
Poignant Cleansing [katharsis: The Flow of Water] – jjacob

How To Save One Life (The Fray x Malibu x Evian Christ) – estoc
keepsake (it’s alright) – t0ni + Antonia XM

For Now (Doss Remix) – ZSELA
high on lyfe – angelus
BIPP – Casey MQ (SOPHIE Cover)