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Tokyo Dreams – 1/31/23

Yoi Toki: A Future Funk/Vaperwave Party [L.A. Debut] at 1720, Los Angeles

This week we’ll be running our first montly special of the year, exploring the Future Funk genre. So kick back, relax, and enjoy some funky grooves.


Night Tempo; Anri | Remember Summer Days (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)
Fujifire | Sunset Drive
Cape Coral | Fuel injection
Desired | Emotions
Macross 82-99 | 『82.99 F.M』
Macross 82-99 | Fun Tonight
Yung Bae; Macross 82-99 | Welcome to the Disco
Yung Bae; Macross 82-99 | Yebisu – Yung Bae Edit
Yung Bae | Fly With Me
Macross 82-99 | Horsey
Future Girlfriend Music | Crazy Nights
Night Tempo; Anri | LOVE IS A TWO WAY STREET -近未来の感動- (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)
architecture in tokyo; Macross 82-99 | City Nightlife – Original Mix
Night Tempo | Usagi Funk
Desired; ConsciousThoughts | Never Fall in Love Again
Macross 82-99 | Perfect Blue
FIBRE | Virtual World
AnTgry | Palm Road
Amherst | Pop Rocks
Yung Bae | I Want Cha Back

surf grock! 1/31/23

Today girl rock!’s hit crew brings you the crimson wave of surf rock. Playlist here, picks below:

Floating Features | La Luz

Magneto // Messer Chups
Tsunami Tsurprise // The Space Cossacks
Mon autre // Juniore
Cacti for Clothes // Pageants

Comin’ Home Baby // The Delmonas
Morning Terrors Nights of Dread // Shilpa Ray
Don’t Leave Me on the Earth // La Luz
Strange // Zombierella

666 // Sugar Candy Mountain
I Follow You // Melody’s Echo Chamber
Real Boy // La Sera
I Got the Moves // Habibi

Mrs. Moto // The Surfrajettes
Conquistador // Guantanamo Baywatch
Ozma // Shannon & The Clams
The Barracuda // The’s

Migas 2000 // The Liminanas
In The Sink // Plumtree

Crush #205: mysterious forest

tonight we made a playlist inspired by the feeling of walking through a forest late at night <3

Image result for twin peaks forest | Twin peaks, Nature, Natural landmarks

playlist (and spotify link):

hair shoes demo – pale saints

primal – slowdive

watashi no aishita manatsu no shinigami – my dead girlfriend

windswept reprise – johnny jewel

sound inside me, waves inside you – parannoul

night is young – yuragi

always then – the kvb

strawberry cream – oeil

snowstorm – galaxie 500

alien observer – grouper

kissing can wait

waiting for the end – tears run rings

all in your head – secret shine

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meltdown – Bowery Electric – 1/30/2023

trip hop + shoegaze heroin music for heroin and heroin-related activities 

Playlist for Lost in the Stacks from Friday, Jan 27, 2023 (“What is Dark Academia?”) Episode 546

Hear the show at

“In The Night” by Bauhaus

Interview with Dr. Paige Miller, Brittain Fellow in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech

File this set under PN56.L53
“Beginning of the End” by Children on Stun
“Complications” by Killing Joke

Continued interview with Dr. Paige Miller

File this set under LD4707 .M67
“Evelyn” by Clan of Xymox
“Christine” by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Continued interview with Dr. Paige Miller

File this set under CB19 .J33
“Doubt” by the Cure
“Glory” by Garden of Delight

“Reach Out Of The Darkness” by Friend and Lover