Messy Life Sunday Special – 12/18/22

Oh Messy Life // Cap’n Jazz
Green Grass // Arigarnon Friends
My Afternoon’s Shotgunned // Oolong
Why Am I Not Going Underwater? // Snowing
That’s Physics, Baby // Pool Kids
fly on the wall // Oso Oso
Red & Blue Jeans // The Promise Ring
Are You Still Seeing Graig, the Orthodontist? // CLIFFDIVER
Imagine Why // Pet Fox
64 // Guitar Fight from Fooly Cooly
Pretty Boi! // Hey, Ily
Raptured Trax, Pt. 1 // Equipment
L Ron Hubbard Was Way Cool // Home Is Where
Chelsea // Yes Chef!
Fis tel // downt
Deck Wine // Marietta
Hit #2 // 125 Rue Montmartre
When Summer // Asian Glow
Impressionism // Kara’s Walk Home
That Scene in Fight Club Where Edward Norton Looks in the Mirror and Sees Brad Pitt Instead of Himself // Floral Patterns.
space orphan // foxtails
Pale Blue Dot // Della Zyr
Go Home. Play Music. Feel Better. // Michael Cera Palin