mode8 #19: (Insert Episode Theme)

Welcome back to mode8! This week doesn’t have any specific theme, it’s just what I found interesting when looking around. Enjoy!

Youtube Playlist!

The Underground // Mini Metro
Plain Simple // OpenTTD
Augustus Rises // Civilization 2
Main Theme // Bleentoro
Neo Bowser City // Mario Kart 7
Singapore Speedway // Mario Kart Tour
Boutique // Pokemon X&Y — remix by Mewmore
Stage 4 // Guxt — remix by ZahranW
Main Theme // ARMS — remix by Loeder
In Game Music // Soccer Physics
revolve — cinematrik
Main Plaza (Daytime) // Nintendo Land
Main Menu // WarioWare Gold
Water Is Sink // Baba Is You
Battle! Miror B. // Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness — remix by Zame