Gold Soundz 11.01.22: Name Show!

Where did October go?? We don’t know!! For this weeks Gold Soundz show, in honor of the new month and fresh starts, we are doing an episode with songs with people’s names in them! 

Joke of the week:
What do you call a man who is shaking in a pile of leaves?

Here is the playlist for the week: 


Brooke // Flour, Worn-Tin
Darren // Jack Stauber’s Micropop
Romeo and Juliet // Widowspeak

Rachel // Tyler Burkhart
Van Morrison // Slaughter Beach, Dog
Hannah Sun // Lomelda

Michael Cera // Strawberry Milk Cult
Debbie // Your Smith
Michael // HOMESHAKE

Jonny // Faye Webster
John & Nancy // Jack Stauber
Wally Wilder // Delicate Steve

Sarah // Alex G
Hannah Hunt // Vampire Weekend
Amelia // Cocteau Twins

Lauren // Men I Trust
Paul // Big Thief

Tune in next week!