Crush #198 – upbeat and fun :3

this week we tried to pick shoegaze/dreampop/noisepop songs that were a little more upbeat and fun!! crush #200 is just around the corner, stay tuned because we have a few surprises in store 😀

A Kiss in the Dreamhouse - Wikipedia

tracklist for tonite: **spotify playlist here**

cascade – siouxsie and the banshees (not quite dreampop, but the direct precursor to dreampop)

kmart amen break – they are gutting a body of water

air guitar – sobs

off your face – my bloody valentine

the pink – medicine

gravity – the high violets

peppermint pig – cocteau twins

kiss chase – lush

wrong tube – swirlies

sugarfix – tamaryn

pretend to be here – pia fraus

your imagination – all natural lemon and lime flavors

take care – beach house 

The sweetest Capybara