mode8 #13: Splatfest!

Welcome back to this week’s mode8! This episode is another conveniently-timed assemblage of music that neatly ties in with an upcoming release, and this time it’s Splatoon 3 – not just tracks from the franchise but other music that carries a similar vibe to the games. (Also, can someone explain why the Eiffel Tower is like this in-game)

Youtube Playlist!

Splatfest Theme // Splatoon 3
Supreme Fighting Queen in Love // Puyo Puyo Champions
Octo Eight Step // Splatoon 2
Survive the Fall // Fall Guys
Ink Me Up! // Splatoon
Splattack! // Splatoon
Wacky Workbench // Sonic CD
Acid Hues // Splatoon 2
Koto Stomp // Jet Set Radio Future
Muck Warfare // Splatoon 2
Atlas — Battles // LittleBigPlanet
Underground // Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Gettin’ Freaky // Friday Night Funkin’
Sucker Punch // Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
Boarder 70 // Ollie King