girl rock! 9/27/22

today with the coming of fall, the hit crew brings to you songs reminiscent of transformation, transition, and growth. playlist here, picks below:

Clocks and Hearts Keep Going | Heatwave in the springtime. Vocals by dim  light. Ideas by Jim all the time. This was fun to make. | Tanya Davis

Natural // Julia Shapiro
Eulogy for You and Me // Tanya Davis
Cadwell Jungle // Samantha Crain

Boardwalks // Little May
Modern Woman // Erin Rae
living room // emily the band

Small Foreign Faction // Haley Blais
Around U // MUNA
Daisy // Kate Davis

Wishing Girl // Lola Marsh
Silver Lining // Rilo Kiley
In My Groove // Mikaela Davis

Kelly // Amason
Expert in a Dying Field // The Beths
Irish Goodbye // Sammy Copley