girl rock! 9/20/22- no wave

in preparation for the month of punktober, the hit crew has gone in the opposite direction and brings you an episode of no wave! no wave was a movement, musical genre, and film style born in NYC in the mid 70s as a result of the commercialization of new wave. it features elements of noise, dissonance, and atonality while blending rock, free jazz, and disco. playlist here, picks below.

Saâda Bonaire: Saâda Bonaire Album Review | Pitchfork

Pillow Talk // Lustt
Invitation // Saada Bonaire
Flavor Crystals // Suburban Lawns
Film Music // Family Fodder

Don’t Let Go // Pink Military
Goodbye Horses – Demo 1 // Q Lazzarus
In the City // Anika
It’s Alright // ESG

Breathe In, Breathe Out // Melody’s Echo ChambeR
Lights Out // Broadcast
Misery is a Butterfly // Blonde Redhead
Evolution // French Vanilla

Viva // Dog Faced Hermans
An Explanation for that Flock of Birds // Algebra Suicide
Faith in Strangers // Andy Stratt