Artist: The Driver Era
Venue: The Eastern
Date: August 14, 2022
Op: Brooke Peterman (PB)

Overall Review: This was an amazing concert! All of the artists were super high energy and really engaged with the crowd. The Driver Era played a jammed packed set and killed it! 

Venue: The show was at the Eastern, a newer venue to Atlanta in Cabbagetown. The venue is very modern and chic, and extremely spacious! We got the the show about 30 minutes before the opener was supposed to start and it was already so filled they had closed off the floor standing area. Luckily the Eastern has an upper level as well with lots of tiered seating. We were standing in one of these rows and were able to see the stage really well. The venue seemed like the perfect size for The Driver Era to preform in and matched their LA boy-hipster-rock vibe very well. The crowd was filled with a good amount of screaming teenagers, there to adore Ross Lynch, however there was an older crowd turnout as well. The crowd was super energetic, especially in the pit, which made the show all the more enjoyable to watch!

Venue Rating: 10

Artist: The Driver Era has been one of my favorite bands for a while now, but this was the first time I have seen them live in concert! One of my best friends in high school introduced me to them and I have been hooked ever since. The show started with not one… but two openers! Both almost monday and Summer Salt preformed (in chronological order). Both bands were incredible and had very laid back, surf rock vibes. The lead singer for almost monday blew us away with his charism! As for the main act, Ross Lynch and Rocky (the lead singers and guitarists for The Driver Era) were fantastic! Both of them had their solo moments (especially Lynch after he dramatically took his shirt off  to appease the screaming fans and put on a gold cowboy hat that had been thrown on stage) and both sounded incredible live. It seemed that Rocky and their backlining musicians brought more of the technical skills to the performance where as Ross brough a lot of the personality. The fans in the pit loved the performance, as exhibited by the flowers, hats, and other miscellaneous objects they threw on stage, and the band had great personable interactions with them. 

Favorite song: Preacher Man off the album X

Artist Rating: 9