100 wreks #25 – Covers Week!!!

It’s covers week on 100 wreks! The original artist of every song is listed in brackets :-]

Soundcloud playlist (here) and tracklist:

Kiss Me Thru The Phone – That Kid [Soulja Boy]
hand crushed by a mallet – Misaku Foxx [100 gecs]
i finally understand – diana starshine + JEL: THE DIGITAL DREAM GIRL [Charli XCX]

lovestory – SEBII [Taylor Swift]
CALCIUM – lucas lex [Ecco2k]
Silver – Astra King [A. G. Cook]

whats my age again – Saoirse Dream [Jane Remover]
800db Cloud – Can of Bliss [100 gecs]
CLAWS – Alice Gas + Himera [Charli XCX]

It’s Okay To Cry – Petal Supply [SOPHIE]
Just Like We Never Said Goodbye – umru [SOPHIE]
i could wait right here forever <3 – mental [福原 遥]

sweater weather – Kon + yungblasian + plugp + ami [The Neighbourhood]
teenage dirtbag – dsiboys [Wheatus]
SAD MACHINE – six impala [Porter Robinson]

Snow Globe – Himera + Petal Supply + Gupi [Dux Content]
be nice to me – lucas lex [Bladee]

Kyoto – Glitch Gum [Phoebe Bridgers]