The Amen Collection 3-14-22


3/14/22 – With Commentary!


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction, Hrvatski – Swarm & Dither

Sewerslvt – Drowning in the Sewer, AFX – Hangable Auto Bulb EP


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Wax Poetics Article)

Hrvatski – Nuclear Cat Gets New Home (Hrvatski’s Website)

Sewerslvt – Jvnko Loves You

AFX – Laughable Butane Bob (Ishkur’s Guide)

AFX – Every Day

Youtube Playlist:

Hope you guys enjoyed this experiment with more commentary! No set next week, but tune in to my 2 hour Sunday Special at 7PM on the 27th where I’ll be playing some of my best finds from 2021! It’s gonna be massive!!