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WREKtacular Pre-Party ~ get hyped!!

hey WREKers!! i’m sure you’ve all heard of WREKtacular by now, but have you heard of the WREKtacular pre-party?? that’s right, there’ll be a pre-party to get everyone excited for WREKtacular! it’ll feature musical performances from Caughy & The Cosmos and Great Great Great Beautiful Lives Yes Yes, as well as DJ sets from Deadstream, DJ Dr. Halloween, and Clock Offset! the fun begins at 8 pm on April 8th!

for more information, please check the WREK slack or email !!

see you there everyone!


Crush #185 – Chungking Express

music that reminds us of the movie
'Chunking Express'! the lead actress,
Faye Wong, who is also an extremely famous
singer, actually worked with the Cocteau 
Twins before their disbandment!
the last song they ever wrote together
was amusement park, performed by Faye,
check it out here!

Apple Musique Playlist

Space Song - Beach House
Lazy Calm - Cocteau Twins
Jewels - ask for joy
On a Clear Day - Some Gorgeous Accident
Stolen Car - The Manhattan Love Suicides
Each Time You Fall in Love - Cigarettes After Sex
It Still Would - Should
胡思亂想 - Faye Wong
堕落 - Faye Wong
You're Not the Only One I Know - The Sundays
Rilkean Heart - Cocteau Twins
I Have the Moon - Lush

velvet 3-30-22

spotlighting women in alternative r&b!

from 2 You

won’t work  /  iyamah
hills  /  naomi sharon
eden  /  hope tala
2 you  /  mariah the scientist

got her own  /  syd
break  /  emily muli
sula (paperback)  /  jamila woods
all the diamonds  /  luck

strength courage & wisdown  /  india.arie
water  /  joy postell
self care  /  savannah cristina
forgotten how to fly  /  clay

it’s down to you  /  deva mahal
golden sister (cyster)  /  élodie dee
golden’s memo  /  élodie dee

spotify playlist here~

Live at WREK -3/29/22 – Caughy & The Cosmos

Setlist from tonight:

  • distance

  • shatter

  • april showers

  • glass walls

  • silly thoughts

  • pink & blue

  • venus

  • holding on

  • stardust

  • get enough

  • boots & cats

Feel free to check out their music below!

Instagram: @caughy.mp3

YouTube: Caughy

Soundcloud: Caughy

Spotify: Caughy

Will be posting the recorded set on YouTube soon!

Tokyo Dreams – 3/29/22

Japanese City Pop - Listen Spotify Playlists

Another great week of city pop on 91.1 WREK Atlanta.


Yugo Kanno | Morioucho Radio
1986 Omega Tribe | You Belong to Him
Kiyotaka Sugiyama; S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe | River’s Island
S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe; Kiyotaka Sugiyama | Summer Suspicion
Bread And Butter | SUMMER BLUE
1986 Omega Tribe | Blue Reef
Miki Matsubara | It’s so Creamy
Miki Matsubara | Bay City Romance
Lamp | 雨降る夜の向こう
YUKIKA | Love in TV World
Step | Rimember me