Mode 8 #7: 24 On The 31st: Women & Nonbinary Artists in Chiptune

This week’s episode of Mode 8 is participating in WREK’s 24 on the 31st all-day broadcasting of women and nonbinary artists! Part 1 of this show’s 2-part program focuses on chiptune, while next week’s will focus on video games developed and soundtracks composed by women!

Spotify Playlist
Evolution – Chipzel 
Automatic – she 
Futurism – Computeher
And I Know That You’re Happy (Ballad of the Lonesome Spaceboy) – 8bit bEtty 
Protos – odaxelagnia
Raw Footage – Leeni
The One – meesh
Love Is Insecurable – chibi-tech
Neo Identity – YMCK
Eternal Mode – Ikonika 
Dox The Fash – Cyanide Dansen (bonus track, on soundcloud)