Crush #185 – Chungking Express

music that reminds us of the movie
'Chunking Express'! the lead actress,
Faye Wong, who is also an extremely famous
singer, actually worked with the Cocteau 
Twins before their disbandment!
the last song they ever wrote together
was amusement park, performed by Faye,
check it out here!

Apple Musique Playlist

Space Song - Beach House
Lazy Calm - Cocteau Twins
Jewels - ask for joy
On a Clear Day - Some Gorgeous Accident
Stolen Car - The Manhattan Love Suicides
Each Time You Fall in Love - Cigarettes After Sex
It Still Would - Should
胡思亂想 - Faye Wong
堕落 - Faye Wong
You're Not the Only One I Know - The Sundays
Rilkean Heart - Cocteau Twins
I Have the Moon - Lush