dang dai ~ episode 4 ~ black history month !!

hey everyone! welcome to another episode of dang dai – this week i tried to highlight EDM and techno’s black roots!! of course, my show centers around Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong artists, so it’s pretty hard to find many Sino-African underground electronic producers. instead, i read a bit from “A Brief History of EDM’s Black Roots”. check out the article if you’re interested in learning more (big thank you to elise for sending it to me!) as always, thanks for tuning in! enjoy 🙂

Genius English Translations – BLOODZ BOI 血男孩 & bod [包家巷] - NOtagonist  (English Translation) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

link to spotify playlist

Sino-African Friendship Bridge // Howie Lee
Adoration of Sons // GG Lobster
NOtagonist // Bloodz Boi, bod

DNA // Bloodz Boi, umru, SEBii
Yong Fu Rd // Zean
Tenderloin Tanz // Pan Daijing

All About Loving // Chill Qin, ULOVE
Albafica // RUI HO
敬酒 (Jing Jiu) // Conrank, Zean

Stars of Turmoil // GG Lobster
Dispossessed // Dirty K
后宫乱门 (Hou Gong Ran Men) // Sonia Calico

Dropbar – Alexmalism Remix // Kelvin T, Alexmalism
Sky Singing // Zaliva-D