Crush #184 x 100 wreks #11 – Bitcrush

thanks for joining us at the intersection of shoegaze and hyperpop, brought to you by Crush and 100 wreks!
soundcloud playlist and tracklist:

Reality/Dreams (feat. ALIEN DAYS) - Fax Gang
what does this room look like - quannnic
mr. what's-it-to-ya flip - fnafboi48 (Remix of search party by dltzk)

3rd Crush [Crush Resist] - Ecco2k
Strawberry - DOSS
Trouble Making Friends (feat. MINTTT) - Astrophysics

Something I Said? - SKOVAZ
juventa-hyperforms-web EDIT - grrid
i thought i saw (yuurusu.mix) - slowdive

can you tell? - dltzk
Kinko's field trip 2006 - underscores
t gap mind film - TAGABOW

All New Edition - reserv
The Lantern Sways (feat. Digiaches + Tuchscreen) (bean boy Remix) - L.cie
earth (feat. Lucy Lohan) - emotegi

:,) - lilac
I Don't Like U Anymore - FANTASYLUV