Album Club #1 – Cocoro

This week was the first week of WREK’s newest initiative, ‘Album Club‘! Every week we pick a new album to listen to together in the station. More information can be found at the #album-club channel in our slack!

For our first pick, we chose ‘Cocoro‘ by Plastic Girl in Closet! The album is described as dream-pop/shoegaze.

Our Thoughts:

  • A lot lighter and playful take on shoegaze, not as grimy and condensed compared to western shoegaze
  • Closer to My Bloody Valentine than other shoegaze bands, specifically Loveless with its glide-guitar
  • Melodies seem to have a J-Pop influence
  • Clear vocals contrast it against other typical shoegaze albums.
  • Lots of abrasive guitar with contrasting breezy vocals
  • ‘Best of both worlds’: pop songwriting and heavy instrumentation tamed by good mixing.
  • Album started out more accessible, slowly evolved and added dissonance and resolutions.

Our Rating: 3.73/5

Cocoro by Plastic Girl in Closet Album Cover