dang dai (当代) ~ 012022

Lucy In The Sky With Dolphin - Single by South Acid Mimi | Spotify

welcome to the very first episode of dang dai (chinese for contemporary !)!! for those who don’t know, dang dai is a sonic tour of mainland China’s contemporary experimental electronic scene ! everything from EDM to industrial is featured on this show. thanks for tuning in!

link to spotify playlist

Sino-African Friendship Bridge // Howie Lee
(Amber) // Guzz
2049 // ZHI16
Out of Noise – Original Mix // Temple Rat

Division by Zero // Sonia Calico, Air Max ’97
Plastic Ocean / 塑洋 // Fishdoll
Lucy In The Sky With Dolphin // South Acid Mimi
Tired of Me // RUI HO

Lay Down // South Acid Mimi
Esther // Tzusing
Ship of Theseus // 33EMYBW
SHIMIAN // Slikback, Hyph11e

A Brave New World // Alex Wang
Make a God 装神// GUAN
Qi // Jason Hou, Jin Zhang

enjoy :))