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Crush #176

Apple Music Playlist

Episode interviewing my mom, who was a college radio station DJ that played shoegaze/dream pop in its infancy in the early 90s! We’re exploring the precursors and founders of the genre.

“Sunrise” – New Order
“Plainsong” – The Cure
“Sugar Kane” – Sonic Youth

“Dogs of Lust” – The The
“Just Like Honey” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
“Bells Ring” – Mazzy Star

“Bluebeard” – Cocteau Twins
“Fallin’ in Love” – Lush
“Kill Rhythm” – Catherin Wheel

“What You Want” – my bloody valentine
“I Can’t Stop Smiling” – Velocity Girl
“Rhinoceros” – The Smashing Pumpkins

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season! <3

Tokyo Dreams – 12/21/21

Cover monster Rainych “Midnight Door” first CD, city pop classic songs  gathered together “CITY POP Voyage-STANDARD BEST” 3/21 (Sun) Tower Records  limited release! – Japan NEWS

Hope y’all are having a great Winter Break! Kick back, drink some eggnog, and relax with a nice mix of Tokyo Dreams. Only on 91.1 WREK Atlanta.



Makoto Matsushita – First Light – 2018 Remaster
S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe; Kiyotaka Sugiyama – Midnight Down Town
Naoko Gushima – Candy
加藤有紀 – Love Potion
Anri – Lonely Driving
Akina Nakamori – スローモーション
Fujii Kaze – もうええわ
Bread And Butter – クルージング・オン
Junko Yagami – 黄昏のBAY CITY
Masaki Matsubara – Silly Crush
Yumi Murata – Krishna
Kei Ishiguro – 感じるままに
Spotify Link:

a girl rock! christmas- 12/21/21

Celebrate the holiday season with girl rock!’s hit crew

Marika Hackman – Driving Under Stars Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

playlist here, picks below

Driving Under Stars // Marika Hackman
The Loneliest Christmas Tree // Lisa Miller
You Got a Bike // Kate Micucchi

I Don’t Intend to Spend Christmas Without You // Margo Guryan
Last Christmas // Lunar Vacation
ugly xmas sweater party // girlhouse

My Favorite Time of Year // L.A. Exes
Santa Baby // Sidney Gish
The Holidays With You // Sara Watkins

He’s Stuck in the Chimney Again // Jon Rauhouse Orchestra and Rachel Flotard
Here We Come A-Caroling // Pomplamoose
Carol of the Bells // the bird and the bee

Promesas // Chiquita Magic
SNOWSTORM // the Ravonetttes
Just Like Christmas // Low

Snowman // The Icicles
Snow Song // Adrienne Lenker
baby jesus is nobody’s baby now // Julia Jacklin
Greensleeves // Mountain Man

Sunday Special – You Gui 有鬼

1. Norwegian Forest – Wu Bai and China Blue
   ≪挪威的森林≫ 伍佰&China Blue
2. If I die one day, will you still hate me? – The Fallacy
   ≪有一天我死了,你还会很我么?≫ 疯医乐队
3. Inner Belt Line – ROMO
   ≪環形內線/环形内线≫ 如夢/如夢
4. Nothing To My Name – Cui Jian
5. From Birth to the Present – Hiperson
   ≪成長小說/成长小说≫ 海朋森
6. Love Our Differences – Sorry Youth
   ≪你愛咱的無仝款/你爱咱的无同款≫拍謝少年/ 拍谢少年
7. You and Me – P.K. 14
   ≪你和我≫P.K. 14
8. Distorted Hangover- Asagawa Pharmacy
  ≪失真的宿醉≫ 淺川藥店/淺川藥店
9. Panties Color – Jen Jen
   ≪内裤的颜色≫Jen Jen/余佩真

Translations found here

100 wreks #5: Hyper Holiday — Dec 18th, 2021

Happy Holidays from 100 wreks! Hope you enjoyed this electrified, hyper take on your favorite seasonal bangers 😀



All I Want for Christmas is You // Himera & Petal Supply & Gupi
So Cold You’re Hurting My Feelings // Caroline Polachek
FARAWAY199XMAS // six impala

Oracle Icicle // A. G. Cook
Snow Globe // Himera & Petal Supply & Gupi
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence // Holly Waxwing
voice of reason // underscores

Blue Xmas // jonny gorgeous
All The Small Things // Astra King
Where Are You Christmas? // Hannah Diamond

You Are Safe and Loved, to The Stars and Back // Himera
Big Break (Lewis Grant’s “Lewis Grant” Remix) // Lewis Grant
bloodstains (99jakes triumphant holiday remix) // 100 gecs

sympathy 4 the grinch // 100 gecs
White Xmas (ft. ericdoa & Fraxiom) // umru & Silver Sphere
Glasswurx // A. G. Cook
mm bb (ft. Samuelspaniel) // Golin

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS 909S // snowblower