Tokyo Dreams – 11/30/21

League of Legends' new music is lo-fi beats that are DMCA-safe for  streaming - Polygon

We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving break! This week we compiled a lo-fi playlist to keep some of those good vibes going.


Aviscerall – Onett
Astroblk – explorer
NetNavi – mugen
Lazy Vibes – One Winter’s Night
Aviscerall – Lullabyes
pedrolina. – Komori Uta
Senoidal – Veraneo
halfpastseven – nirwana
Sophia Lopez – overcast
colours in the dark; Linearwave – In Limbo & Loving It
Pensive Strider – The Spy Hunter
UniqeCorn – Trailblazer
Blackburri – String Theori
Hz.; Strong Maurice – Bonsai Leaves
chilliance – roadtripp
really big mountains – the promenade
Pluto Tracks – Breeze 52
Milky Moustache Beats; Hoffy Beats – 6 AM
Caicey – C’est La Vie
cypherhound – wetness
Sling – Rhyose
High Low Row – Good Foot
Astairé – Clouds
Spotify Playlist: