The Amen Collection 11-1-2021

Venetian Snares’ ginormous analog synth setup, which he exclusively used (with a tracker) to create Magnificent Stumble V2. I have no idea how he keeps all those knobs and wires in his head.


DJ Die – Play it For Me
Sewerslvt – Ecifircas
Eric B. & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul
Venetian Snares – Magnificent Stumble V2
Floating Points – Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix)

808 State – Pacific 808:98
Greeen Linez – Cubic Mentality
bbrainz – jungle-01
LTJ Bukem – Enchanted
Dust Brothers – The Groomsman
Luke Vibert – Spiral Staircase (AFX Future Music Competition Remix)

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